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Peach and Gold Plantation Wedding

gold glitter wedding heels from Kate Spade

Just take a look at Megan's sparkly Kate Spade pumps. They totally sum up this peach and gold plantation wedding! You can buy these statement wedding shoes here! Glamorous gold mixed in with pretty peaches makes this Southern wedding one to remember. Are you hooked? Well ... stay tuned to read great advice from the bride, as well as their budget breakdown! And as always be sure to stop by the full gallery to see all of the fabulous images captured by Liga Photography.

personalized hanger with floral embellishments

fortune straw flags

Fortune Straw Flags

We love this fun little way to make every cocktail a conversion piece. Print off a bunch of fortunes (can't think of any? Try clicking here). cut them out in long strips, leaving one end about 1 inch longer. Wrap that extra inch of fortunes around each straw about 1 1/2 inches from the top, gluing the extra to the back of the fortune. So fun right?!
From Liga Photography:I joined Megan and her bridal party that day as they sipped mimosas and primped for the big day. Megan could not keep the grin off her face as the time drew nearer and nearer for her to see Patrick!

succulent and garden rose bouquet

peach bridesmaid dresses

wedding program

classic groomsmen with multi colored socks

wedding kiss

Liga Photography

The ceremony and reception took place at Nashville's beautiful Belle Meade Plantation. Even the tiniest detail of Megan and Patrick's wedding was filled with Southern elegance and charm. Delicate shades of peach were perfectly accompanied by bits of greenery and glimmers of gold.


twinkle light lit porch reception

gold table numbers

As the sun set, guests drifted indoors to continue the festivities. The maids of honor, along with the best man honored the couple with heartwarming and hilarious speeches. The merriment continued till late into the night. Guests left beneath a canopy of stars, the perfect ending to a beautiful day.

strawberry topped naked cake

simple dessert table with 5 cakes

rose topped wedding cake

Read on for some wedding advice from the bride and to see how much this peach and gold plantation wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

From the Bride:
In hindsight, the only thing I would have done differently would be to not care so much about all of the tiny details.  The problem with the Pinterest era is that brides can get too caught up in having the PERFECT details that can be showcased in a fabulous picture.  That stuff is done for photo shoots where no one is getting married!  I spent too many minutes and hours sweating about a popcorn bar, and if the champagne would be poured and sitting at place settings or at table, and if the guests would actually take the shuttle I arranged for them.  After seeing how much a popcorn bar would cost, that quickly became a hilarious fantasy and the champagne probably went to waste regardless of where it was placed!  You can't control your guests too much (10 people ended up not showing up that RSVP'd) and most people drove.
Its so hard not to get wrapped up in the tiny details because you get one day and you want it to be perfect.  But if you end up married at the end of the evening to your best friend... then the day is perfect regardless of the details!  This will most likely not be the first or last wedding your guests go to and they know how these things work.  They will get there, they will drink and have fun regardless of what you serve them (or even what you serve them in!), and they will be so happy to witness the love you and your partner have for each other!  Sweat the big stuff, and leave the rest up to your planner.
So my budget was about 40,000.  It ended up costing about $50,000 with all of the little last minute add ons and money flying out of your pockets.
Rough breakdown:
Venue: $6500
Planner: $3000 (worth her weight in GOLD... espesh being an out of town wedding!)
Band: $3300 (GREAT price for a fantastic band)
Ceremony Music: $400 (but they added on $375 charge to have a speaker and microphone system outside... this was a month before.)
Cakes: total of $500 and change Alcohol (they let us bring ours in… we also had a whiskey bar with nice whiskey): $1900
Catering for 175: $10,000
Photography: $6500 (included an album, her travel from Orlando, and a second photographer)
Videography: $4,000
Rentals: $4000 (plates, silverware, cups. etc.. the venue did not supply much more than outside chairs and a few tables!)
Flowers: $4700 (I wanted to stay at $3500 but thats a dream. Keep your wedding party small!)
Lighting: $1400
Paper (invitations, STD, programs, escort cards): $1400
Table numbers: I made them… probably $200 or so after multiple trips to hobby lobby and shipping!
Transportation (guest shuttles, wedding party shuttle): $2500
Welcome bags: $200
Tips: $800 (you always forget about this… its a hidden gem you must factor in!)
Hotel (2 suites for 2 nights): $1400
I did not factor in my dress and accessories, and bridesmaid gifts.  I paid for those myself.
Dress, veil, shoes, accessories, alterations: probably $4300.00

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