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Vintage Forest Wedding

Lizard Nickel Photography

Romance abounds in this beautifully transformed vintage forest wedding. Hundreds of string lights sparkled above Candace and Ian, as they shared their, "I do's!"
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gold glitter shoes and tea length gown

ruffled BHLDN wedding dress

Finding The Perfect Dress

From the Bride:
I actually first saw my dress before I even met Ian! My friend, and wedding photographer, Liz of Lizard Nickel Photography had previously worked at BHLDN, and so I became interested in BHLDN dresses. I would browse online every now and then, and one day, I saw…THE DRESS! Made by designers, fancy, this dress was all I wanted. I don’t know why— it was nothing I planned on loving, but I loved it. I waited to purchase it until I was engaged, and it was almost too late! I literally ordered the last one, and it came, and I loved it even more! This dress was made for me.

store bought snap dragon bridesmaid bouquets

DIY wedding flowers

Micro Flower Budget

Wanting to save money, I decided not to order flowers in advance. Instead, my dear friend, Judith, and I got up at 8 AM on the wedding day, and went to the local grocery store in Loomis, and purchased their best looking flowers.

This might seem crazy because this meant that I was unable to choose exactly which flowers were going to be at my wedding in advance, but I was willing to let go of that control to save some money. We ended up with pink snap dragons for the bridesmaids, wild spring flowers for me, a single lily for Ian’s boutonniere, and the hydrangeas and wild spring flowers for the 2 table arrangements. The total: less than $40!

blue shirts black ties

romantic forest ceremony complete with twinkle lights

Love Lineage Dress Display

I had my grandmother’s, mother’s, and mother’s-in-law wedding dresses displayed on borrowed dress forms. For the grandmothers that did not have wedding dresses, I displayed pictures of them with their husbands from their younger days. Each dress/picture had a chalkboard tag displaying the years that they were married, and from which side of the wedding party the family member was from.

family wedding display

a lineage of love wedding display

Advice On Compromise

Brides, compromises are not a bad thing! Sometimes you will be surprised at what you can come up with when you cannot get your way! I cannot imagine liking my original plan of solid wood tables any more than I liked my fold up tables with the linens and runners!

Don’t sweat the small stuff…actually don’t even sweat the big stuff! Seriously none of it is that big of a deal. Let me tell you, the day before the wedding, the cleaners that pressed my dress put a stain and a hole in my dress…oh well! Life goes on! And guess what…I got married anyhow! Plus, no one even noticed the stain or the hole.

vintage guestbook table

romatic woodland wedding

hitched wire pie topper

pie table and mr and mrs spoons

outdoor wedding lighting

Get a closer look at this vintage forest wedding by watching the fabulous film created by Luxe Studios below.


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