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Natural Inspired Wedding Ideas

earthy wedding ideas

If you missed the first part of Erich Mcvey's Bend, Oregon workshop feature you must see it here and here. This year Erich McVey and Ginny Au pulled inspiration from the four elements. Designing four stunning wedding looks all based on the the powerful beauty of nature. Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire.
Each element evokes emotions and a gorgeous raw esthetic representative of the natural world around us.  Our next feature revolves around the ever powerful earth and all its inspiring raw beauty. Take note of all the earthy colors and natural beauty.  Be sure to see more this stunning shoot and gorgeous photos captured by Erich McVey in the full gallery here. Be sure to stay tuned for fire coming later this afternoon.

Leanne Marshall Wedding Gown

organic wedding ideas

fall wedding bouquet

Erich McVey Workshop

Erich Mcvey Worskhop Photos

rose floral arrangement

Erich Mcvey Photography

Erich Mcvey Photography

Couple portraits

Erich McVey Workshop

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