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A Barn Made Beautiful Wedding

Orange County Wedding

When a dream becomes a reality the results are absolutely magical. This beautiful barn wedding was one giant DIY project for the bride, Krystal. As the location was not a traditional wedding venue it was up to her to pull things together, and we think she did it all with style and grace. Want to see more of this, a barn made beautiful, wedding? See all of the gorgeous images captured by Priscila Valentina in the full gallery here.

soft pink bridesmaids in assorted dress styles

vintage flower girl look

From the Bride

I knew I wanted a barn wedding but here in Southern California the options are not too great. While I was at the fair I looked at the big red barn, and said why can’t we get married here? Bryan looked at me as though I was crazy, but I had a vision and I knew it could be great.

I made the sign in quilt, I printed pictures from our engagement session and put them on fabric, then just sewed a quilt together. About 5 years ago I had made Bryan a quilt for an anniversary present so it was fun to have one from our wedding.

wedding advice quilt

barn wedding ceremony

wedding dress with shoulder detail

Book Seating Chart

One of my favorite parts was my seating arrangement, I love old books so I came up with the idea for for every person to have their own book to find their seat. Inside the books were old library cards, with the table name and the number. Also included inside each book was a hand written letter to each guest and what they meant to us. It took us over 20 hours to write them all, but every person absolutely loved it.

find your book to find your seat

escort card bookshelf

confetti kiss

On The Decor

I wanted it to be rustic but still completely have the feel of a romantic wedding, I had to bring everything in and make it all. Most of the drapes on the walls were covering all the farm equipment

glamorous barn wedding

city named tables with glam silver and white decor

rose and hydrangea pedistal centerpiece

Pie Station

Bryan loves pie so we had mini pies complete with an ice cream station. It was super fun!

fresh baked pie display

mini pies

elegant white ruffle cake

To get a closer look at this barn made beautiful wedding check out the wedding film Priscila Valentina created below!


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