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Morning Brunch Wedding

not your usual wedding shoes

Rachael and Kevin's wedding was completely unique, overflowing with personal touches, and happened to be a morning brunch wedding. They served up crepes amidst a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. You will definilty want to take note on how successful this morning brunch turned out, and keep in mind that having a brunch wedding is less expensive than having a dinner wedding.
Every detail was thought out, made, and personalized by the bride and the wedding party, from yellow tennis shoes to the cat suspenders. Many more intriguing and delightful details await you in the full gallery here, captured by Leslie Anne Photofinish.

pink and purple bridesmaids dresses

groomsmen attire cat suspenders

fun wedding party photos

wedding hair and flower clip

Redesign your grandma's gown

We both had an idea of what we wanted - somewhere outdoors, but secluded, a place where our friends could stay on the property with us, lots of trees, in Southern California - but could only find venues that met some of our requirements. When we drove up the hill to Hidden Valley the first time, we both looked at each other and knew we had found our location. (There was even a double rainbow that day, which sadly we couldn't book for the wedding.) Then we took the tour and discovered they had a peacock that decided it lived there, which sealed the deal for me, because it's one of my favorite animals. I designed my own dress, though it was made from my grandmother's wedding gown, which she wore in 1955. She passed away 10 years ago, but we were very close, so it meant a lot to me to be able to incorporate her into our day this way and also put my own spin on it as she would have encouraged.

wedding sign post idea

wedding lawn games

choose a seat not a side

vows banner

Leslie Anne Photofinish

Wizard of oz inspired details

The centerpieces were created by me as well, with some help from family and friends. The flowers were made of pages from the Wizard of Oz novels because my husband and I met at a Wizard of Oz costume party. The hot air balloon design and the flying monkey in the bird cage were nods to that as well. We were introduced at that party by a guy I was supposed to go on a date with the next day, but he saw how well we hit it off and canceled. We're all still friends, so we had him officiate the wedding for us. Another friend who was instrumental in us meeting read a passage from Wizard of Oz during the ceremony.

eat drink and be married seating chart

sweet and simple reception

sparkling water favors

hot air balloon centerpieces

crepes wedding menu

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