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Valentine’s Day inspo in NYC that ended with arcade games & pool

Modern NYC elopement on Valentine's Day

In the heart of bustling New York City, amidst the iconic skyline and bustling streets, Micaela and Kevin embarked on a romantic photo shoot to capture the essence of their love on this special Valentine's Day. This styled shoot is the perfect inspiration for a modern, fashion-forward elopement, or inspiration to plan your own chic date night out in the city. With design by Phaedra Liakou Event Design, we love the energy and warmth that radiates from this day!

Keep reading to see how their evening unfolded, from craft cocktails to a round of Ms. Pacman, all captured on photo by George Liopetas.

New York City skyline

A city skyline view, perfect for romantic roses

To start the day, the couple made their way to the epic rooftop at Pier 17, where the cityscape stretched out before them in all its grandeur. Against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers and the shimmering waters of the East River, they shared a tender embrace, and Kevin offered red roses to his lady. Talented photographer, George Liopetas, followed them quietly against this picturesque backdrop, naturally capturing the essence of their love. 

NYC skyline elopement

Valentine's Day inspired groom

Romantic modern elopement with roses

NYC skyline wedding Romantic modern elopement

Groom putting coat around bride

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New York City elopement ideas Romantic NYC wedding fashion

"In that moment, surrounded by the energy of the city and the warmth of each other's embrace, they knew that their love was as timeless and enduring as the bustling streets of New York City itself."

Modern, romantic NYC wedding fashion

Modern cut out back wedding dress

Cheers with craft cocktails

As the evening fell, the couple indulged in artisanal cocktails, each sip a toast to their love and the adventures they've shared together. How cute would it be to pick a signature wedding cocktail at your favorite date night bar?

NYC bride and groom toasting cocktails

NYC craft cocktails Bride and groom drinking NYC craft cocktails

NYC couple at modern bar for reception

Arcade games & pool: a modern date night

What better way to end a date night in the city, than a few rounds of arcade games or pool! The photographer captured a glint of mischief in the couple's eyes as they playfully teased each other over Ms. Pacman and candid moments shooting pool together. 

NYC couple playing arcade games after wedding

Bride and groom playing video games

Bride and groom playing arcade games Arcade game date night

Bride and groom at billiards table

NYC couple playing pool

Sexy pool date ideas Romantic date night ideas

Thank you to Phaedra Liakou Event Design for sharing this romantic & modern inspo, just in time for Valentine's Day! Be sure to check out the full gallery of images from George Liopetas below for even more NYC love.

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