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Feathered fête in florence and pro tips on how to make it your own

bride in feathered wedding gown with pastel bouquet

Knowing where to start, when it comes to your wedding design can be difficult, even if you're just starting to collect inspiration. That's why we were so excited when this gem of a shoot came across our path. Not only did Jane Handles Weddings beautifully execute the design, they took the time to break it down so other couples can use this inspo as the groundwork for their own wedding!

It all starts with elements. For this design, the elements are feathers, earthen materials, and all things luxe. From there they created vignettes for every part of the wedding from getting ready all the way through the big exit and each part features those elements in some way, shape, or form. Check it out for yourself and see if you can see the threads that this awesome team wove together to create this feathered fall fête in Florence at Villa Agape.


olive and ivory wedding invitation suite

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the design: glam meets organic elegance

wedding at a villa in florence

For late summer/early fall, we wanted a palette that bridged seasons, fit seamlessly with the rich, bold colors of the space, and felt organic without being overly boho. The idea was glam meets organic elegance for an earthy, modern, romantic vibe. Warm neutrals, mixed textures, and luxe rentals (plus fun feathered flourishes!) each played a role in bringing this to life.

organic arrangements featuring luxe flowers

organic pastel bouquet with roses

To keep the theme of contrast going, we love how Criluflower used luxe blooms in unexpected ways. Traditionally roses are used in tight sculpted bouquets but these arrangements appear to have been plucked right out of nature, almost as if they grew that way.

pastel rose floral arrangements

rose and pampas grass floral arrangements

let fashion set the mood

bride getting ready in feathered pajamas

You'd be surprised how far fashion can take your wedding design. It really sets the tone for the level of formality. Even in the most casual of settings, if you show up in a full ballgown or tuxedo, there's no denying–this is a formal event. Note how they incorporated feathers into every ensemble–including the pajamas the bride wears while she's getting ready. Flawless!

bride posing with pastel bouquet

destination wedding ideas at villa in Florence

cool groom photo ideas

couples portrait ideas

wedding gown with pearls and feathers

destination wedding photography

thinking outside the flower box for the ceremony arrangements

pastel wedding in Italy

For the ceremony, we chose a blushing pink niche with classical sculpture as a backdrop, and Criluflower filled the niche with flowers, creating a lush, romantic, and distinctly grounded arrangement. For this design, we thought outside the box on a typical ceremony arrangement. Instead of an arch or pedestals, or even an arch on the ground, Criluflower filled the base of the sculpture with flowers as if they were growing up at the sculpture's feet. This created an inspired and absolutely gorgeous arrangement that stayed low, letting the couple shine, and offered visual interest with a bounty of blooms.

ground ceremony floral arrangements

bubble ideas for wedding ceremony

high meets low for the reception

gold and concrete wedding ideas

For the reception decor, I loved pairing the modern-art style chairs and minimalist, sleek menus with the more classic silk napkins and brass candlesticks, for more new-meets-old vibes. The etched glassware featured twisting vines that added that organic element, contrasting the crisp, clean lines of the place cards. These series of little contrasts created their own design element! I absolutely adored getting to use the concrete table up in the hidden loggia at Villa Agape. Paired with the ultra-traditional gilded Florentine under plates, we created a high/low, elegant/organic contrast that let both elements shine.

modern and vintage reception inspiration

modern sage chairs for reception gold and pastel wedding inspiration

cement table for wedding reception

effortlessly chic exit looks

feathered mini dress for exit

Now this is seriously our favorite part of the entire shoot. Maybe it's the sunglasses or this adorable feathered mini dress but this wedding just looks F.U.N! If you were looking for a sign to invest in an exit look–this is it!

white feather mini dress exit look exit look photo ideas

second look ideas for wedding

incorporating this design into your wedding

destination wedding ideas in Florence

High/low, old/new, organic/sculptural...these little contrasts can play off one another beautifully. Of course, when choosing things to contrast, pick little tangible moments (like small, individual elements of your table) to avoid a design that ends up feeling more like a clash. You can think creatively about areas out of which arrangements can "grow," transforming your space. Are there niches, nooks, fountains, or other areas that are easy to overlook? What happens when they are filled, instead, with lush florals? If you want to keep your aisle more traditional, you can repurpose aisle florals (as we did for the reception decor), and fill these areas after your ceremony, instead!

See even more of these gorgeous photos by MaMa Photo in the full gallery below.

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