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Love Knows No Language, Pink And White Mexico Wedding

Love Knows No Language, Pink And White Mexico Wedding

When you find the one, you'll do anything for them, including learning a new language in order to communicate. Sound like a tag line for the latest Hallmark Rom-Com? We know but this just happens to be true. Yazmin and Fredric found each other on Tinder while they both were vacationing. The twist, they didn't actually speak the same languages. To find out what happened next, you'll just have to keep scrolling!

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From Funky Diva Collective

As a hair stylist/makeup artist in the wedding industry, I am surrounded by amazing women who I work with every weekend. There are the planners, photographers, florists, chefs and of course, all the other stylists that I work with. What I find interesting about the core group of ladies that I work with is that a large majority of us are single ladies! We are in the wedding industry, we love watching couples in love, we bust our asses to make each wedding special for the bride and groom that we have bonded with but ironically most of us are single. 

Maybe it is because we are waiting for our own unique connection, that love connection that we see every once in a while in those special couples, those are the couples that inspire us to hold out until we meet “the one”! Well, this is an unbelievable love story about the ultimate single girl (who ironically is an extraordinary wedding planner) meeting “the one” and making it work against all odds! 

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The Story Starts Here

The short version: (you can read the full love story at www.marjiemartini.com)
Yazmin had helped hundreds of couples achieve their perfect wedding and being a Libra, ruled by the planet Venus she is a true believer in love and romance. So, after years of helping others have their perfect wedding, she found herself holding out for the real thing. 

The Miracle 

Yazmin (from Sayulita/speaks Spanish/English) and Fredric(from Belgium/speaks French) connected on Tinder in Cancun but never met in person. After three months of texting/facetime via google translate, they set their first date, it was in New York. 

They fell in love in one week, when their time together came to an end, Yazmin who was shocked to find love notes everywhere, in her handbag, makeup bag, suitcase, tucked in her underwear. For days, she kept finding these love notes saying, “I love you”, “I think of you, don’t forget us”, “I am always with you, my love”! With each note, her heart wall crumbled. 

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full mariachi band just married and baptized.

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Have Faith in your Path 

It was love and for two years this couple made it work. Thousands of miles, lots of facetime, learning multiple languages, trips to each others’ countries and learning different cultures. The engagement was simple and unexpected, perfect for the planner. But, unexpected there is a Baby on Board! Baby due only 2 months before the wedding! Yikes! 

Well, according to Yazmin, she planned her wedding in 2 weeks and I believe her. Because holy shit I have never seen anything like it! It was awesome, perfect and chaotic all at the same time! But the best part was it was creatively brilliant! Why? Because she just trusted everyone (vendors, friends, and family) to do their thing! 

bride groom and baby

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Laugh in the face of chaos! 

So, the wedding planner let her friends and vendors help plan her wedding. What was so strange (and a bit stressful) was having no bride input, that had never happened before. When we did ask what she wanted the answer was always the same “just do what you think is best! 

So we all did! It was a creatively brilliant full Mexican church wedding, complete with Fredric in a full white matador suit! (that was his idea). The ceremony was over the top romantic and beautiful in the quaint Mexican church. But it was sealed by the christening of baby Julia, it only seemed even more perfect to complete their vows with the baptism of their newborn baby. Then celebrated with the Mariachis upon exit from the church.

This reception was epic, Villa Del Oso is a stunning timeless villa. Romantic lights, brilliant colorful flowers, cocktails, and food that was tantalizing plus speeches, games and a slide show all done in 3 different languages, so every guest felt included. My absolute favorite was the huge white Chrisperos, when they ignited during the first dance, it made that moment magical and Yazmin and Fredric looked like they were in a fairy tale, which they kinda where! Every single girls...happily ever after! It actually happens!

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