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I do Venues ~ Design ~ Granny Smith Green

I do Venues ~ Design ~ Granny Smith Green

Photography By: Yvonne Wong


When a bride can take a traditional color palette and create a look that is out of the norm - my hat goes off to her. This wonderful soft and romantic color palette typically would be screaming Vintage or Shabby Chic to so many designers and brides, but this DIY bride has taken these soft, sumptuous colors and created a wonderful design that incorporated a cool modern aesthetic with a bit of whimsy.
The soft pale green paired with a light blush is wonderful. By using a white as the background color, they have given the palette a cool feel vs. the warmer shades of ecru and off-white. The DIY elements are inspired - a plain brown paper bag is used to create a fun and eco-friendly vase.
If you like the idea but are not going green, try using different colored fabrics to wrap your vases or create small beggar style purses to hold your floral designs. The wheat grass makes a great statement but the minimalistic styling is genius. By allowing the roots to show in a clear glass, you get differentiation in color while remaining modern. I love how they have taken bulk roses and done a simple arrangement with a colored ribbon at the bottom for the vase.
Our favorite element is the LOVE- using a word or monogram is an ingenious way to personalize your candy bar.
There are so many great DIY details from this wedding. I love the espresso template - inexpensive and fun. The profusion of open flowers, used to fill in space and give us a bit of color is inspired. The look is great and completely inexpensive.

Color Palette & Venue Recommendations

This soft color combination goes well with either a modern, vintage, or country themed wedding. Green and white are a great base to any color palette. For a similar feel, bring in shades of soft yellow and corals. Fort Mason's Officer Club would be a wonderful host to this soft and romantic color combination. Or if you are looking to knock your guest's socks off, try using this same installation of color and theme at The Flood Mansion.

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