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How To Have A Raging Wedding That Is Classy

Los Angeles wedding styled by Jes Haack

Chris and Allison knew they wanted to turn the very large space of 440 Seaton in Downtown L.A. into a classy, but raging party for their 200+ guests. They employed the creative powerhouses of Jesi Haack Design and Honey and Poppies to help create a space that felt intimate despite the size of the space. 

Jesi used white shiplap to create a East Coast style aisle runner in addition to a draped rope altar backdrop coated with lots of fresh wild foliage from Honey and Poppies. A hand dyed rope installation over the dance floor and dreamcatcher style rope pieces also adorned the walls of the space. All of this combined with West Coast Music's genius band made for one of the raddest dance party ever. All photographed by Steve Cowell.

Read on to learn about every last detail, the budget and take in this raging wedding. 

Saint Laurent's beige patent leather Tribute sandals

Penelope by  Reem Acra wedding gown

the wedding dress

Allison wore the Penelope by  Reem Acra wedding gown. A stunning gown with adorned with intricate details. You can buy a similar gown here. 

For her wedding shoes she wore Saint Laurent's beige patent leather Tribute sandals.  Notable for its substantial platform sole and caged T-strap styling. 

Penelope by  Reem Acra wedding gown

must read: wedding dress fitting advice

Prior to the wedding, though, I had a wedding dress disaster. I purchased it from a store in Orange County that does not offer in-house alterations. They recommended that I purchase my dress 4 sizes larger than what I normally take. I ended up purchasing it in 3 sizes larger and even then, I was a bit skeptical (but they know best I thought!).

When I took the dress in for an alteration consultation with a few of their recommended tailors, all either declined or expressed hesitation in taking on the dress because of how large it was and how much work would have to be done. When I asked the bridal boutique to help remedy this, they responded that my measurements aligned with their initial recommendation (4 sizes larger) and that I had signed a waiver exempting them from any liability. 

The store representative's comment/insinuation about my weight - what a blow! I ended up taking my dress to a Reem Acra tailor -- my savior! -- in NY for fittings. If I could do things differently, since I already had a bad gut feeling about sizing, I would have asked more questions and perhaps gotten a second measurement/fitting prior to purchasing.

getting wedding ready with your mom Penelope by  Reem Acra wedding gown

sharp looking groom

velvet wedding shoes Groom blazer


Penelope by  Reem Acra wedding gown with red bouquet snippets of advice for future brides and grooms?

We separately ranked what was both most important and least important to us then came together to discuss. Thankfully our top 3 were the same

1. Music
2. Food
3. Booze

As well as our absolute bottom -- the invitation suite. This helped us keep perspective throughout the planning process (for example when I started looking at invitation suites that started at $1,000, I was quickly reminded of our checklist ranking.

But on the flip side, because the music was so important to us, we felt OK about splurging on a live band). Second would be to hire a wedding planner. You'll realize you have to pick and choose your battles during the wedding planning process, but this is definitely a fight worth having (if necessary). Hire a wedding planner! 

Third, we decided to write our own vows last minute, and we're so happy we did! We wrote them the day before our welcome dinner and heard each other's vows for the first time during the ceremony.

industrial style first look

first wedding look Groom crying at first wedding look

Bride and Groom first look

Industrial style wedding look

did disaster strike?

There's nothing I would have changed about our wedding day even though it didn't go perfectly. We were having so much fun that nothing really mattered. Which is a good segue into every bride and groom's piece of advice after the fact - if you're able, don't let anything take away from your day! It really does flies by, so be present for all of it. 

Show Me Your Mumu Dresses white and red wedding bouquet

the bridesmaid dresses

Allison's bridesmaids wore a mix of Show Me Your Mumu Dresses in what looks like the Show Me The Ring color

440 Seaton in Downtown L.A a wedding venue 440 Seaton in Downtown L.A

Coolest ceremony set up eva! Designed by  Jesi Haack and held at 440 Seaton. An is an urban warehouse offering a unique, rustic, eclectic charm in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown, Los Angeles.

This grand, 100 year old, urban interior space consists of a Cathedral like atrium, with soaring 50 ft. high ceilings, exposed brick walls, wooden beams, concrete and wooden floors and skylights. With 10,000 sq. ft., the Great Hall is very spacious, which can accommodate up to 1,700 standing guests, 1,400-chair seating and a 600 table seating capacity. 

wedding back drop designed by Jesi Haack

440 Seaton wedding venue

440 Seaton wedding venue

wedding back drop designed by Jesi Haack

a vintage jewelry box is the perfect place for cards.

Unique installation for guests to find their seats. Unique installation for guests to find their seats.

440 Seaton wedding venue

brass, baby blue and pops of red wedding reception decor industrial chic wedding deocr brass table numbers

brass, baby blue and cream wedding reception

brass, baby blue and cream wedding reception

wedding cake by Vanilla Bake Shop

lounge area for a wedding designed by Jesi Haack lounge area for a wedding designed by Jesi Haack

unique wedding venue space

having a= having a=

having a=

having a= jesi-haack-wedding

After the festivities, everyone enjoyed In N Out.  We're sure everyone was hungry after all that dancing. 


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