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Have a Unique Modern Wedding at the Art Ovation Hotel in Florida

Triangle ceremony backdrop

Want to get married at a shiny new hotel in Florida? The Art Ovation Hotel is about to open in Sarasota, Florida and it’s a sleek new destination for trendy couples looking to have a one-of-a-kind wedding. Jennifer Matteo Event Planning beautifully designed this next shoot in bold shades of yellow + blue with  a modern vibe and hint of rustic charm.

The modern triangle ceremony backdrop is totally swoon-worthy with bright blooms from Tailored Twig, and how about the bride models stunning Ines Di Santo gown?! If you’re ready to see more from Marc Edwards Photographs, keep scrolling, plus grab a closer look in the full gallery. Enjoy!

Model bridal look

It's all about that back Colorful blooms

beautiful new venue in Florida

From Jennifer Matteo Event Planning: The Hotel that is "Exactly like nothing Else" will be opening any day now, and we are so excited. The Art Ovation Hotel, located in downtown Sarasota, FL is both a destination location and a place to celebrate your beginning. The basis for both the shoot and the hotel is just perfect for what we do - the unexpected.

Triangle wedding arch with florals

The Art Ovation Hotel is your wedding hotspot

Blue and yellow table with loads of texture

art-full details

My goal is to keep you guessing at my events - what will be next, how did they come up with that, and most of all "WOW" that was really cool....the use of mixed materials for the tablescape speak to the artistic nature of the hotel. From the art installation in the Lobby (which has it's own curator and is ever changing) to the exquisite custom well, everything - Art Ovation is one of a kind, and we are so glad to have been the first to have a glimpse into its greatness!

Blue and yellow table decor

Blue and yellow tablescape Bright yellow centerpiece idea

Tulips and paint brushes

Modern seating area at The Art Ovation Hotel

Opening Feb 2018

The style of the artfully placed florals, unique linens, and unexpected industrial yet soft tablescape played so well with the still under construction space. So well, that you may not have even noticed that hanging plastic from the windows, exposed beams and just a little bit of dust. Opening Feb 2018 - this is a spot you can't miss!!

The Art Ovation Hotel in Florida is a hot new wedding venue

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