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A Festival Inspired Elopement Showcasing the Rebel 60’s

retro wedding

If you have a love for fashion and music then you are going to FALL IN LOVE with this festival inspired styled shoot and its homage to the 60's! This wedding inspiration combines sweet love with a little bit of crazy and rebel spirit. The color palette is unlike any other we've seen before as it has intense colors contrast with pure white such as purple, mauve, blue, and fuchsia! Keep scrolling to see more of this fun retro yet modern styled shoot!

All the beautiful photos are by BLANK. BLANK planned every detail of this wedding inspiration and BLANK created all of these incredible florals you'll see throughout. BLANK was there to film as this inspiration came to life at BLANK. All the images are in the full gallery, so be sure to click through and read on to hear more from BLANK.

retro wedding invitations

retro papergoods

colorful bridal bouquet

retro wedding suite retro bridal look

Love Me Do

If life is a party, why not a festival inspired wedding? This shameless styled shoot is an homage to the rebel sixties youth where fashion and music were a creative way to express themselves freely. They fought for tolerance, peace and equality and music festivals as Woodstock help them to make it more visible it.

It was very important to generate the transformation in a more tolerate an open society. These events were the perfect soundtrack of counterculture and a big stage for the modern minds to have fun, dance, and release. We design this Mika and Rob elopement under these premises. An attractive celebration of tender and sweet love but rebel and a little crazy at the same time. We wanted to express this revolutionary spirit that characterized this generation and tried to transmit the values that they defend: happiness, freedom and equality. Outspoken people willing to explore and progress proclaiming peace and free love.

The color palette we choose is full of intense colors that contrast with the pure white. Cold based colors like purple, mauve and blue splashed with fuchsia combine perfectly producing a party and happy mood. This scheme is the base for all the elements like stylish, decoration and flowers bringing connection. We picked two main locations for the Mika and Rob’s rainy wedding. Outdoors and looking for a huge contrast, paving streets in the gothic León centre. This antique and majestic buildings were the perfect scenario for the romantic walk to the hot spot cocktail bar. A surprising space with a modern an innovative interior design full of colors
and cool furniture.

sixties inspired wedding look

retro wedding festival inspired wedding

festival elopement

wedding kiss

We also inspired on fashion trends to get back the cutest hippy style with a small retro and turning it into something modern and contemporary. This is how we create this elegant but surprising outfits for the special occasion. Bride’s look is a perfect example of less is more. Mika wears a simple but spectacular minidress made with handmade fringes full of fun and movement. To emphasize the fantasy and elevate the look we chose this electric blue floral
chocker as the perfect accessory. It provides this touch of color within the makeup and also remarks hippie culture. Groom wears total look white con camel accessories. A light linen suit formed by a tight blazer decorated with big lapels that suits Rob’s muscles perfectly and a softy campana trousers. Crochet crop top is the hippie touch and the breaking element that create the textures contrast. With the quartz neckless we look for a sign of equality and rebellion of the sixty’s youth. And also, we made a point with Mika’s platform heels and normalize the fact that it’s totally okey if the bride is tallest than the groom.

For the stationery we wanted to experiment with different materials leaving the classic paper aside. A simple but funny design with a retro festival aesthetic. Fringes are present here too to provide movement and color contrast, music is always perfect for showing and strengthen our ideas used as a powerful communication tool. Love me do! Is a simple and good spirit song with a very clear and strong message that fits perfect for this mood. Also, The Beatles were a very significant figure for this decade so made this song our perfect hymn. In short, it is an attempt to homage 60s culture and the deep mentally transformation of society supported by fashion
and music.

wedding signage

retro wedding sign

colorful bridal bouquet

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festival inspired bridal look

fringe wedding dress

rebel inspired wedding look

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