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Enchanting Ozark Mountains With A Stunning Ceremony

Mildred B. Cooper Chapel nestled in the serene Ozark Mountains.

Caleb and Elsa's destination wedding was a heartfelt celebration of their love, held at the breathtaking Ozark Mountains. With a desire to keep things intimate, they invited only their closest family members and friends to share in their special day.

The glass chapel, surrounded by the lush wooded scenery, created an inviting and enchanting atmosphere for their ceremony. Elsa fondly remembers the magical moment of seeing Caleb for the first time down the aisle, as her favorite Brahms-Intermezzo played on the grand piano by her talented friend, Madeline Malone. Walking down the aisle with her father, Elsa, a classically trained pianist herself, was filled with emotion and awe.

The combination of the stunning chapel, the wooded surroundings, and the heartfelt music made Caleb and Elsa's wedding a truly unforgettable experience. It was a day filled with love, joy, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Keep scrolling to take in this enchanting wedding venue, read their wedding-budget tips and their DIY Photo Guest book.

elegant wedding invitation

Mildred B. Cooper Chapel Mildred B. Cooper Chapel nestled in the serene Ozark Mountains.

bride walking down the aisle at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

The color palette was planned around the wedding bouquet!

Elsa's bouquet was a breathtaking masterpiece, with deep red spray roses, burgundy carnations, plum scabiosa, mauve leucadendron, and peach ranunculus as the focal flowers, intertwined with Italian ruscus, dollar eucalyptus, agonis, grevillea, millet, and abelia, creating a lush and overflowing cornucopia of floral beauty that perfectly complemented her dramatic caped dress. Designed by Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio.

"We planned the entire wedding color palette around the bridal bouquet. I have many memories on my wedding day of looking down and smelling my bouquet. I was really nervous before the wedding ceremony, and those flowers were my stability. Additionally, my Mom kept my bouquet and made a homemade candle and put the petals into the candle. I cry every time I see it. I would do it all the same again," says Elsa.


wedding ceremony at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

Their love story

The couple met through a national speech and debate league while in high school. Elsa lived in Texas and Caleb in North Carolina. They came to know each other better through tournaments and Elsa actually became friends with his sister and parents first. “Our story begins in 2014 just after Elsa had been the runner-up at a national debate championship

Nothing else transpired until 2016 when she was spending time with Joanna, my older sister, and my parents at another debate tournament. While our interaction was brief she certainly left a strong impression,” explains Caleb. This was their only interaction until 2020 when they reconnected on Facebook. Elsa had posted an update about important work she was doing in the Philippines. At the end of the post, she said for anyone interested in learning more to message her. O

One person did and it was Caleb. “For the next 8 months we messaged back and forth and had increasingly more frequent video calls. As the months flew by she became a fast friend. I finally decided on December 12, 2020 to ask Elsa to pursue a dating relationship with me. Amazingly she said yes! On December 27, 2021 I was ready to let Elsa know that my commitment matched my love for her. With a serious and focused look in her eyes she agreed to become my wife,” Caleb reminisces.

just married photo of couple at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

fall wedding bouquet

wedding party in velvet dresses Mother in velvet dresses

back of wedding dress

The couple offered several budget-saving tips

Book a venue that handles catering, setting up and use of their own tables, tablecloths and chairs. They even passed on economical options for their wedding party. The guys reused suits from a previous wedding and the gals were given a color palette with the freedom to purchase a dress within their price range.

The couple planned the entire day themselves and friends and family assisted, as well. “Let go of the ‘everything has to be perfect like I've seen on Instagram and Pinterest mentality. It will steal your joy.

Everything will not be perfect nor do you need it to be perfect. Letting go of that expectation allowed us to enjoy wedding planning and to be happy with the decisions we made,” says Elsa.

Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio

wedding reception at Carnall Hall

simple wedding reception small florals at wedding reception

Poloraid guest book

Polaroid guest book

The couple set up a unique Polaroid guest book photo station, providing a wonderful opportunity to capture and cherish the memories of their special day.

wedding centerpiece

desert table ideas

desert table ideas

wedding party photo idea

wedding party photo idea

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