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DIY Instax Photo Guest Book By FiftyFlowers.com

how to make an easy Instax photo guest book

While you're wedding planning you're going to ask yourself ... "do I really need a guestbook?" Well ... do you want to remember all the guests that came to your wedding? Of course, you do! Then you need a guestbook.

While a traditional wedding guestbook is perfectly acceptable,  why not take it a step further and create an interactive station where guests can create memories for you? The best part is that it's incredibly easy to create. You'll only need a  few supplies and a little help from your friends at FiftyFlowers.com and BAM you've got yourself an Instax photo guestbook table.

Read on for instructions and don't worry were even providing a free printable to make everything as easy as possible. Before you read on, be sure to read all the way down to see how you can win $3,000. That money would come in handy on your honeymoon. This clever DIY was sponsored by FiftyFlowers.com.

Instax Camera guestbook

1. Curly Willow Branches from  Wholesale Flowers by FiftyFlowers.com
2. Frame for directions (we bought ours at TJ Maxx)
3. Sharpee Pens
4. Instax Camera
5. Scissors
6. Instax Film (purchase enough packs for each guest to take one photo)
7. String
8. Mini Clothespins
9. Vase (select a sturdy one with a wide mouth)

Step 1

boho chic floral arrangement from Wholesale Flowers by FiftyFlowers.com

You'll want a table that can handle the flower arrangement and all your supplies. We used a desk from Ikea and a white tablecloth to keep costs down. Looks good... right?

Secondly, we created the floral arrangement. All the flowers were from  FiftyFlowers.com. Take note that the amount of flowers that will arrive will be enough for several arrangements, not just one. You can use the flowers in your centerpieces, bouquets, floral crowns, basically anything you need for your wedding. 

When creating your arrangement, you can use any flowers, but the one thing you cannot skip is the   Curly Willow Branches. Those are key to your unique wedding guest book. 

We used the   Festival Fresh Flower Mix Combo and added   Flame Peonies to create our wedding centerpiece. 

Festival Fresh Flower Mix Combo

step 2 

unique wedding guest book from FiftyFlowers.com

Set up all your supplies. Including your framed directions, so guests know what to do once they come to the table. Here is the free printable we spoke about before.  You can click here and download this 11 X 8.5 here and put it in a frame. We bought our gold frame at TJ Maxx.

free printable guest book sign

Step 3

unique Instax photo guest book idea unique Instax photo guest book idea

This is the most time-consuming part of the project. We'd suggest doing it the day before.

1. Cut the string
2.  Make a slip knot through the mini clothespin
3. Make a slip knot around the willow branches

Guests can take their photos, sign their names and clip them to the tree, creating an interactive statement piece at the wedding.

After the big day, you can un-clip all the photos and put together an Instax photo album like this one

how to make an easy Instax photo guest book

instaxphotoalbum unique Instax photo guest book idea

Enter to win $3000 From
Wholesale Flowers by FiftyFlowers.com.

instagram post

Now that you are fully educated on how to make a unique and interactive wedding guest book it's time to learn how to win $3,000 from FiftyFlowers.com. 

So how do you enter? Register here for the contest to save 5% on your order. Then buy and DIY your flowers from FiftyFlowers.com and once your wedding is over, submit your own Flower Story for a chance to win $3,000! Read all the official rules here for more info.

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