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DIY wedding silhouettes idea


Silhouette art has charmed us for centuries. Now, it's making a comeback, especially at weddings.
One does not automatically associate Country Living Magazine with weddings but, they have some amazing ideas in there. Like the DIY silhouette board. Country Living Magazine displays at an entry way for notes and messages, but it would be perfect at a wedding for guests to leave their well wishes. After the wedding you can use it as at the entry way.
Below are instructions.

STEP 1. Download and print our profile templates, then use a photocopier to enlarge them by 130 percent.

STEP 2. Center each enlarged profile on an 11- by 17-inch corkboard ($4.99 per board; craftsetc.com), and trace around it with a pen.

STEP 3. Working on a protected surface, such as a chopping block or self-healing mat, slowly score the pen lines with an X-Acto knife. Because of the cork's thickness, you'll need to go over each cut several times before slicing all the way through.

STEP 4. Spray the silhouettes with two coats of flat black paint, let dry overnight, and hang with adhesive mounting strips ($2.49 for nine; officedepot.com).

Download the profile templates here from Country Living Magazine photo credits All the images are taken from Country Living Magazine except for the two bottom right which where found at bird and banner who we heart.

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