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An Intimate Family Farm Wedding in Australia

easy going farm wedding

When it comes to weddings, bigger isn’t always better, and that was the case for Sophie and Simons family farm wedding in Australia. They set their priorities from the beginning and planned their chic celebration around what mattered most to them as a couple.

Their advice to engaged couples is this, “think hard about the day you want to create and work together to make that happen - regardless of whether it’s conventional or not.” We love their laid-back approach and hope you’ll file away some of their wisdom for your future wedding adventure! Grab a closer look at this beautiful day shared with us by Paperlust and captured by Carly Tia Photography below, and in the full gallery.

boho wedding dress

mismatched bridesmaid dresses bridesmaid shoes

intimate and fun

From Paperlust: Sophie and Simon wanted their wedding day to be intimate and fun so, despite a lot of opposition, they only included as guests people that they had a genuine relationship with. They have no regrets about how they planned their day and chose to focus on their journey as a couple. Not wanting to follow the crowd with a stereotypical Byron Bay wedding, they took a long time choosing their reception venue, Harvest Newrybar. The ceremony location on the other hand - the family farm - was a no brainer from the start.





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her dress

The dress needed to be something that suited Sophie’s style as well as something she could feast in! The first gown one she tried on, a year prior to the wedding, was the perfect match. In the vein of individual expression, all of Sophie’s bridesmaids wore something different, although in the same light neutral colour palette.




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keep your priorities straight

Simon and Sophie’s advice to engaged couples would be to think hard about the day you want to create and work together to make that happen - regardless of whether it’s conventional or not. Prioritize a decent photographer (photos last forever), don’t go crazy on the flowers, and remember that you don’t need to go bankrupt to have a beautiful wedding.


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 honey cake

Sophie’s father’s homemade honey was used in the wedding cake, which was made by a close friend. The newlyweds really value a lifestyle of healthy, mindful eating so Harvest worked hard to accommodate that. An example is that they happily furnished Sophie with organic juices throughout the reception, as she doesn’t drink.

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