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A Gorgeous Minimal White-Washed Barn Wedding in All White

White-washed wedding in all white

The gorgeous White Sparrow Barn in Quinlan, Texas has an airy, elegant feel throughout its sky-high ceilings and white-washed walls that made it the perfect setting for Holly & Zach’s dreamy wedding in all white.

Their picture perfect day is what we think about when we imagine a dream wedding, and we have a few reasons why. First, the bride's couture wedding gown from Naama and Anat Haute Couture is a total dream dress (#dressgoals) and second, the minimal decor with greenery and candlelight is all the venue needed to amp up the romance. Catch all the highlights below, and grab a closer look at the entire day in the full gallery photographed by the talented Heather Thompson.

Champagne toast bridesmaids

Naama and Anat Haute Couture wedding dress

Loubs bridal heels

Bridal boudoir

Naama and Anat Haute Couture wedding dress White rose wedding bouquet

Naama and Anat Haute Couture wedding dress

White and greenery

From the bride: I'm a lover of anything white. Our venue was a huge white barn inside and out so I went with simple greenery and white roses/flowers. My bridesmaids all wore different shades of gold dresses I let each of them choose. All of them are made differently and I’ve been in weddings before where I didn’t feel comfortable in my bridesmaid dress. So I made it a point for not only myself to be beautiful that day but that each of my bridesmaids did as well.

First look with her bridesmaids! First look with bridesmaids Bridesmaids in mismatched gold dresses

White rose wedding bouquet

Contrasting groom look Groomsmen in black and white

White + greenery barn wedding

White barn wedding ceremony White barn ceremony

Just married!

Planning it up

The planning process was so easy. I think I was a bridezilla maybe once. But other than that I really did a lot on my own up until the month of Marissa was my month of planner and I couldn’t have done it without her. She made sure I drank plenty of water, ate, didn’t talk to people for too long, and not to mention, made sure the décor was extravagant.

White-washed barn wedding Beautiful white-washed barn wedding

Champagne spray with the wedding party

Sunset wedding photo White-washed barn wedding

Cowboy hat guest book idea

Dreamy white-washed barn reception

Simple centerpiece design

Her favorite moment

My photographers did an amazing job making sure to capture the moments. I got to put on my wedding dress in a sentimental area with only my mom, sister, and best friend. It meant so much looking at my mom seeing me altogether in the dress of my dreams. She is my best friend and I’m so happy to have her there with me on my day.

White and naked wedding cake

Cutting the cake! White-washed barn wedding

Dreamy white-washed barn wedding

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