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A Fashionista’s Dream Wedding at The Hotel Ritz Paris

Paris wedding

Who Will Love This Wedding

You live for the first Monday in May because it is fashion's biggest night out, the Met Gala. You're a tried and true fashionista, and your wedding day will reflect your dedication to style. Naturally, you'll have your wedding at the capital of fashion, Paris. It will be held an an iconic wedding venue like the Hôtel Ritz Paris. Both you and your love will be decked out in the latest fashions and have a wedding that Anna Wintour would love to attend. If you are jet-setting couple with Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, then Jessica and Daniel's black-tie Paris wedding is a must-see.

We also must mention that Daniel and Jessica share a very impressive trick. They Saber a Champagne bottle. Scroll down to see and to read Jessica and Daniel's love story.

Wedding Color Story: Black & White

Decor Style: Black Tie

Ceremony: Outdoor ceremony

Reception: Indoor Reception

Wedding Season: Fall / September

Location: Paris, France

Vera Wang wedding invites

Watch Their Wedding Film

Before you scroll down and take in all the beauty. Take a few moments to watch their wedding film from Zen Film Works. It is amazing and super stylish and we wish were in Paris with Daniel and Jessica right now.


The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

How The Meet

As told by the Bride, Jessica. 

  True to our millennial selves, Daniel and I met on a dating app! It was one of those things where we realized there had been so many chances for us to meet in our ordinary lives and it was surprising that it took an algorithm on an app to finally make our paths cross.

We had one of those classic movie first dates where 1 hour turns to 6 and you look back and feel like you have known that person for your entire life. Our first date quickly progressed from a walk on the High Line in Chelsea to dinner at a sushi restaurant, to drink at The Ace Lobby Lounge (so NYC) to spontaneously taking those classic strip photos in an old photo-booth.

Like our first date, our relationship quickly progressed, from a first date, to an international trip a few months later, to moving in together, to adopting one dog, then adopting a second dog! It was totally love at first sight (for me Jessica). Everyone says that, but I remember calling my best friend crying because I felt totally crazy saying I would marry Daniel after knowing him for a week! Daniel and I truly believe in living life to the fullest - we are travel buddies, amateur food critics, wannabe fashionistas, and the first ones to say yes to anything. That is why we get along so well.

wedding vow book

Jimmy Choo silver sparkly wedding shoes wedding rings

The Proposal


Our proposal was a recreation of our first date. Daniel very casually suggested we leave work a bit early, as May 18th was a gorgeous Friday in New York City! We met at The High Line in Chelsea, the site of our first meeting, and walked through all the tourists, reminiscing. Very casually we decided to get dinner and ended up later at The Ace Hotel Lobby Lounge in midtown, where three years earlier we went through two pitchers of sangria together and got to know each other. We went to the same photo booth we took photos in and purchased another set to add to our collection.

We went back to our apartment and I saw a rose petal sticking out at the end of the hall. I turned the corner and there were hundreds of rose petals and tea lights lit all over the apartment. After sobbing for a bit, Daniel proposed!... and then walked over to the video camera sitting on the sofa! We always have a good laugh seeing how much I cried and then shortly thereafter start crying ourselves. True to us, we had a lot of champagne afterward.

wedding pose ideas with bridal party

getting ready photos with the bride

bride reading letter from groom bride letter

Vera Wang lace wedding dress

Ferragamo wedding shoes for the groom

The Arran Malt liquor White groom tux with black tux

Groom and his men getting ready pose ideas

Groom portrait idea

Lily of the Valley wedding bouquet

The Venue

You (hopefully) only get married once! So when we said we wanted to live the champagne lifestyle, that meant two things: champagne (of course! the champagne tower was necessary!) and a lot of gold. Gold flowers, gold invitations, gold napkins, gold table cloths, if you could sprinkle gold on it, there was gold.

The Ritz is such an extravagant venue to begin with, and we wanted people to appreciate its beauty, so all of our decor was merely meant to accentuate the luscious white flowers of the garden and the antique gold accents in the Salon d'Ete. When it came to our vendors, we needed people who knew the venue well and wouldn't need much direction from us on the day. We planned our wedding ourselves and, while the event staff at the Ritz are beyond meticulous, we were the only two people who truly knew how all the parts fit together, so having vendors who knew The Ritz like the back of their hands was crucial!

first look between bride and groom at Hôtel Ritz Paris

first look between bride and groom

Wedding at Hôtel Ritz Paris

wedding at Hôtel Ritz Paris

wedding at Hôtel Ritz Paris wedding at Hôtel Ritz Paris

Vera Wang wedding dress

wedding at Hôtel Ritz Paris

bride crying at her wedding flower toss with roses

bride and groom wedding exit

Paris, France

Paris, France wedding Groom portrait ideas

long sleeve wedding dress

How to Saber a Bottle of Champagne

How To Saber A CHAMPAGNE Bottle

I've personally never seen anyone saber a bottle of Champagne, but I can imagine it is a very impressive to witness. There are actually swords people purchase to Saber Champagne bottles. Who knew? These fancy swords will easily take the top of a bottle of Champagne quickly and easily. 

If you look below you can see the gentlemen pouring the actual bottle of Champagne into a tower of coupe glasses. You can learn step by step instructions on how to saber a Champagne bottle here.

Champange wedding tower

Champange wedding tower

Signature cocktail sign

Special Details

We wanted to make sure that the most important elements of our life together were represented on our special day. We have two dogs at home in New York City and, while they couldn't be there, we had a local artist put together a fun cocktail menu with their portraits. 

Everyone loved "The Mimi," a French Martini, and "The Cooper," an Aperol Spritz, to help refresh during the cocktail hour. Also Daniel's cufflinks show maps of the Chelsea neighbourhood and The Ritz which is marked with a diamond. Also my Tiara and earrings are made by Kentshire who are the same people who make the jewellery for Downtown Abbey!

Signature wedding cocktail

The Groom and his men having a cocktail

Hors d'oeuvres served at wedding signature wedding cocktail

wedding guest outfit ideas

Ritz Carlton wedding

Ritz Carlton wedding

Ritz Carlton wedding wedding guest outfit ideas

Rtiz Carlton wedding in Paris

Rtiz Carlton wedding in Paris

Rtiz Carlton wedding in Paris Rtiz Carlton wedding in Paris

gold and white wedding cake

wedding speeches at the Rtiz Carlton wedding speeches at the Rtiz Carlton

live band at the wedding

groom dips bride at their wedding

wedding cake with sparklers

wedding sparkler exit

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