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A Fun and Relaxing Black-Tie Wedding at the Iconic Mykonos Island for 50K


When we hear destination wedding often the first location that comes to mind is Greece. And it’s easy to see why! With it’s iconic islands and natural beauty it’s not only an amazing place to get married but to honeymoon as well. This couple had a luxurious wedding on the island of Mykonos. With their venue Branco Mykono being right by the see they had a beautiful beach wedding full of light and surrounded by gorgeous scenery. The theme for their wedding was relaxed by the sea shore… but black-tie!

Keep scrolling to see all of the beautiful photos by George Liopetas Fine Art Photographs and the film by Jim Grillas. Naido planned every detail and Studio 7 created all of the amazing florals. You can see all the images in the full gallery.


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In Mykonos We Trust

'In Mykonos we trust' wedding took place last May in Greece's most iconic island. Mykonos is famous as celebrities travel all over the world to visit during the summer days. And when we say celebrities, we mean it. From James Franco and Izabel Pakzad, to Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman are only a few of the stars who visited Mykonos the summer of 2022. And when I say stars, I mean it.

Luxury weddings need the right place, the luxurious venue. Placed by the sea, Branco Mykono, our ceremony and reception venue, made sure everything to go well. From my personal perspective, this venue was sooo photogenic. The light was beautiful everywhere, and this lead us to make amazing imagery.

Konstantinos Tsoukalas, owner and head planner of Naido, was in charge of the day and made sure all the A-list guests to have fun and live the Mykonos experience. The day was amazing and our couple needed only one thing. To have a fun yet relaxing wedding. So, the vibe was this, relaxed by the seashore but so black-tie! After the ceremony, our beloved couple made a cute and relaxed walk by the sea. At that time, all the guests would enjoy their cocktail. That's the first time in the day I heard 'In Mykonos We Trust'. And that’s what happened. Everyone enjoyed their dinner to witness the most amazing fireworks that would let into the most amazing night dance of their lives.


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