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A Unique Pink and Orange Wedding In Mexico City


Picking the perfect wedding location is not always easy. With a love of spending time together, traveling, and cooking this couple found their dream wedding destination while visiting Mexico City. This location is absolutely beautiful and definitely should be on your radar if you are still trying to find your dream wedding location!

Keep scrolling to see all of the beautiful wedding planned by our vendor, Lupita Tirado with photos by Bruno Rezza. Emilio Libreros created all of the amazing florals and Ricardo Grajeda filmed this special day at Ball museum. You can see all the images in the full gallery.


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A Wedding To Remember in Mexico City

Annie and Lauren are a unique and fun couple, they love to share their time together, especially they love to travel and cook, on one of their trips to Mexico City, they decided they would really love to have their wedding there.

They love to be authentic, so for their pre-wedding party they chose a very special place called Tetetlan. There guests had the chance first to enjoy the meditation ceremony organized for them in a yoga studio which is located on the territory of Tetetlan, and then to enjoy welcome drinks and authentic delicious Mexican food. That evening had a very warm atmosphere, it was full of laughs and happy tears as close family members and friends of Annie and Lauren had a chance to make speeches and share with the couple their emotions, life stories how they got to know either Annie or Lauren and congratulations.






For the wedding day Annie and Lauren chose a unique space, the Ball museum, the origin of the house dates back to the 14th century, but its decoration is of French origin from the 19th century, located in a central area of Mexico City, it was the setting ideal.

The origin of their wedding design came from the tenangos, which are typical textiles from the state of Hidalgo, those are textiles that represent scenes of daily life, but in their case, our designer worked on one that would reflect their love as a couple.

We used this design on the dance floor, napkins, chairs, for the floral design they leaned towards an unusual composition full of anthuriums, English roses and green foliage. Pink and orange, which are their favorite colors, were the central axis of this wedding, and we carried it in the candles, flowers and the neon colors that we used.




One of the details that surprised their guests, in addition to the female string band that played throughout the dinner, were the alebrije characters that surprised the guests in the gardens when they entered the museum.

We designed the ceremony together with their best friend and surrounded by the beauty of their friends, then they enjoyed an incredible dinner where lighting and dance played a leading role.

Annie and Lauren's wedding was one to remember.




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