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A 40K Outdoor Wedding Under 300-Year Old Oaks with Flower Grandma’s

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We're so happy that more and more couples are picking non-traditional "flower girls" for their weddings. "Flower Bros" have been quickly taking over the wedding scene and have been featured in some of the funniest wedding reels we've seen! However, we started seeing FLOWER GRANDMOTHERS a few months back (see the cutest IG Reel here) and it has been an absolute favorite. This wedding not only has the most adorable Flower Grandma's but so many other unique wedding details that made their day special!

Keep scrolling to see more photos by Rivkah Fine Art. A&J Event Planning and Coordination planned every detail of this wedding inspiration and Blue Ridge Floral Design Amy Webb created all of these incredible florals you'll see throughout as this wedding came to life at Lovingston Winery. All the images are in the full gallery, so be sure to click through and read on to hear more from bride.




A Wedding Under The Oaks

Wes and I met at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in the town of Jackson Hole Wyoming. I was out there guiding horseback rides and selling fine art, he was out there as a golf pro at a private golf club. Our desire to be closer to family is what brought us back to the east coast, however, Wyoming continues to be something near and dear to our hearts. Our wedding was special because it was in some ways like a homecoming and reunited our families after Wes' and my time away from them as we filled our adventurous souls.

Our wedding was a four-day event with a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, a wedding, and a Sunday brunch. The additional time spent surrounded by family is by far the most cherished component of our wedding. Lovingston Winery was a dream find when looking to start our forever. There was something about the serenity of the property, combined with the symbolism of the oaks and the history of the 1906 home place that instantly grabbed us. This was our spot. In addition, we love that all our bridesmaids and groomsmen could stay on the property. It was the best sleepover with all my bridesmaids staying in the farmhouse and all the groomsmen in the cabin.

In regards to the decor, it was my favorite part of the planning process. I am a type "b" personality so the logistics made me groan, while I lived for creating a unique experience for my guests. I had been harvesting peonies off the property and preserving them weeks in advance for the tablescapes. I also had potted herbs to create a garden party theme. The best-unexpected result was the amazing smell of basil, rosemary, and thyme wafting throughout dinner. I didn't have a color scheme for the wedding, but I did base the feel off the painting "The Swing" by Fragonard. I love the bliss and romance of Rococo.

Since I felt confident decorating for the rehearsal dinner, our entire floral budget went to the ceremony. I am so glad we did this. Walking out to the ceremony and seeing everything shrouded in flowers, framing Wes at the altar is one of my key memories. I truly get butterflies when I think back to that moment. During the ceremony, we wanted to keep things somewhat traditional to emphasize how momentous and special this life event was to us. Wes and I didn't do a first look. This was something I was very set on. I am so glad that the first time we saw each other was as I was walking down the aisle. His reaction was so sweet and it was so special to share it surrounded by all of our family and friends. Despite a more traditional reciting of our vows, we did incorporate some fun, unexpected elements into the ceremony.











Flower Grandma's

Rather than flower girls, we had flower grandmas. They stole the show and looked beautiful and it meant so much to have them as a part of the wedding. In addition, our ring bearer was accompanied by one of my family's mini horses and our beloved cattle dog, Roadie. Lastly, Wes and I had our dogs Arnie and Hank roaming the property. Hank, the corgi, found the ceremony to be entirely too boring so he took a nap to gear up for stealing meatballs during cocktail hour. Arnie, my most loyal boy, stood nearby as I walked down the aisle, waited until I was settled, and found his spot on the train of my dress. He also happily escorted Wes and me back down the aisle once things were official.

After the ceremony, we enjoyed a candlelit dinner with each dish paired with a hand-selected wine from Lovingston Winery. We had a local 2 man band play during dinner. It was another unexpected moment that was a crowd favorite. We were singing and dancing before it was even time to hit the dance floor! I have an immense sweet tooth so the cake selection was something I did not take lightly. I learned of our baker Uncommon Cakes through the venue. When I tasted her cakes and learned about her unique offerings, I was sold. The flavors Wes and I selected for our three-tier cake were strawberry cardamom, tea and honey, and triple chocolate. We also offered an assortment of cupcakes with flavors like creme brulee, champagne, and whiskey caramel. They were delectable.

After the food wrapped up, we moved out to a dance floor seated under 300-year-old oaks, and danced the night away surrounded by fire pits, the glow of candles, and overhanging cafe lights. It was a beautiful end to the day and a beautiful start to Wes and my future together.



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