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Van Gogh Inspired Wedding Ideas

Van Gogh inspired shoot

Inspiration for your wedding, can be found in anything that you hold near and dear. From your favorite movie to your favorite piece of art like - Van Gogh’s Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers, the fourth in his Tournesols series. This sunshine yellow painting was the inspiration for our next fall inspired wedding shoot captured in the undeniably gorgeous hills of Provo, Utah.
All beautifully photographed by Danielle Woodall, who was originally a painter turned photographer. You can read on to hear more about all these Van Gogh inspired Wedding Ideas from Danielle, and as always peek in the full gallery for more beautiful images.

yellow wedding invites

Van Gogh inspired shoot

rustic looks for the groom

bridal looks

From Danielle Woodall:The influence of this piece is most easily seen in the floral arrangements, where sunflowers play a leading role. We modeled the vase on the table after Van Gogh’s. We used a mixture of fresh, wilting and dead sunflowers to mimic the circle of life portrayed in the original. But beyond just the floral subject matter, I wanted this shoot to capture his color palate and the thick, fluid texture of his impasto style. The backdrop seen in several of these images is actually a blown-up (enlarged) detail of Starry Night, Van Gogh’s most well-known example of the style. I painted the section on a large canvas, using the color scheme of Sunflowers.

rustic wedding ideas

fall wedding decor

brown and yellow wedding decor

fall wedding centerpiece ideas

This organic texture is also seen in the bride’s unique dress as well as in the cake, where the thick cream frosting has been spread to create prominent, vertical lines. We decided upon a location with fields and trees that closely resembled the landscapes that the artist himself had painted. I loved how the tall, yellowing grass of late summer reminded me of his iconic brushstrokes in his Cypress series. Although there aren't any cypress trees in Utah, (at least none we could find), we felt like this location up Provo Canyon in Utah fit perfectly with the rest of the shoot.

fall wedding bouquet

fall wedding ideas

rustic dessert table

rustic wedding cake

wedding favor display

handmade honey jars with thank you labels

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