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DIY Feather Bunting

diy feather bunting banner

We know that all of you are going to be crafting for your big Thanksgiving dinner this weekend! To help you on your scissor and craft paper journey, we have the easiest project ever for you from Typologie and Co., a Your Cloud Parade vendor. Make your own DIY feather bunting banner. It will fancy up any room, and it's cute you could leave it up all year round. Again ... did we mention how stinking easy it is?

1. Gather up some construction paper, string, needle and some thread or yarn
2. Download our free feather templates here 3. Put your colored construction paper in your printer and print out the feather template on it. You could even buy gold craft paper or metallics to really get fancy!
4. Cut out the feather
5. Use a needle and yarn to poke a hole through the bottom of each of your feathers and string through
6. Hang on your wall for a festive holiday banner

free printable feather template

feather bunting diy

Project: Typologie and Co. & Your Cloud ParadeCake: My Sweet and Saucy