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Shakespeare Inspired Wedding Ideas

loose braided wedding hairstyle

With Shakespeare in mind, Wish Wonder Dream created a day filled to the brim with Shakespeare inspired wedding ideas. All held at the lush gardens - Maravilla Gardens located in Camarillo, California.
You will be swooning over every last detail. From the bride's Sew In Love Couture ethereal gown, to the immaculate and oh so lovely details. Prepare to get lost in it all! Indulge yourself with more Shakespeare inspired wedding ideas in the full gallery here, captured perfectly by Alyssa Marie Photography.

watercolor wedding invite

floral wedding crown

pink wedding dress

A bit about the wedding venue

As you step onto the property of Maravilla Gardens, among the first things people notice are the floral scents coming from a wide variety of plants, the song of birds in the garden, and the lovely breeze. It is described as a secluded, peaceful, and quiet oasis, where butterflies are frequent visitors. The site covers over 5 acres and overlooks a vast working farm, creating a picturesque view across the well-tended fields. A mountain range, on either side of the valley, cradles the wedding site in strength and beauty.

romantic outdoor wedding venue

vintage wedding decor

shakespeare inspired place cards

words from the vendor

Here at Wish Wonder Dream, we greatly admire his words and poetry as we searched for inspiration on our latest shoot. These words, in particular, captured us instantly and launched us into a planning frenzy to create this Shakespearean themed shoot. “Two lovely berries moulded on one stem; So, with two seeming bodies, but one heart.”

green and red bouquet

golden books decor

i love you a bushel and a peck

Our shoot took place at Maravilla Gardens, a gorgeous wedding venue in Camarillo that overlooks incredible mountain scenery and provides stunning grounds for easy transitions into each and every wedding day event. Its charm and elegance are both perfect for any couple or company looking to host an outdoor wedding related event. It was an easy choice for us to fall in love with Maravilla, seeing as we work there often, and just can't get enough of!

As we adorned the table with luscious greenery and bowls of overflowing fruit, we truly fell in love amidst the splendor and beauty of tall abundant trees and a cool days breeze. We hope you get carried away with these stunning shots from our Photographer Alyssa Marie, as you dream of your perfect and whimsical Shakespearean themed wedding!

vintage cake table

cake table decor

wood inspired wedding cake

happily ever after cake topper

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