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It Takes Two, A Sisters Inspired Wedding Shoot

It Takes Two, A Sisters Inspired Wedding Shoot

If you love your sister(s) raise your hand! I know I do, and the idea of planning a wedding without her seems impossible. So when the sisters of Behind the 'I Do' Wedding Planning Services teamed up with the sisters behind 3photography they knew they needed to create a sisters wedding planning shoot. From the shower to the big day this next inspiration is about to bring on the nostalgia. 

So hug your sister and grab a tissue as you keep scrolling for some fab ways you two can celebrate your sibling love. Oh, and don't forget to check out the full gallery, we have even more to see and love in there! 

sisters sharing memories

Sisters Can Do Anything

Sisters have a special bond - they’re with you from the day you’re born, through the ups and through the downs. They’re the ones who give you tough love when you need it but also love you unconditionally when life gets tough. This irreplaceable bond is what we wanted to celebrate in this styled shoot. This shoot captures the milestones of wedding planning from the proposal to the wedding day through the lens of the bride and her sister as the maid of honor as they are by each other’s’ sides every step of the journey. 

In the spirit of this styled shoot, we’ve put together a team of vendors that are sisters themselves who work in the industry together! From researching vendors for our clients, we quickly learned that there were a number of sister-duo vendors (like ourselves) who work in various aspects of the industry and we knew we had to put together a shoot with all the sisters to showcase this ineffable relationship!

bridal shower for your sister

bride to be maid of honor sweet sister candid photos sisters all dressed up

gold coral and copper wedding table idea

neutral blush and coral bridal shower table

bridal shower invitation sharing memories sisters bridal shower table decor

wedding shower dessert display

blush and white wedding cake nail polish shower favor

The Bridal Shower

For the bridal shower, we created a relaxed picnic table setting with bright florals and mix-matched pillows. Colourful bud bases are carefully sprinkled throughout the tablescape and tapered candles are added for a little extra height and interest. We brought in a taller cherry blossom in the background to set the scene and gathered lots of fluffy and velvety pillows for a cozy vibe. The picnic setting is a subtle ode to the tea parties and sleepovers we once shared as children where we would play pretend and dream about what our future weddings would be like. The cake stands amidst a display of childhood photos, favours and colourful, lush florals. We wanted to create a cheery, care-free bridal shower where the bride and the maid of honor can laugh and reminisce about their childhoods together. 

romantic rose themed wedding invitation

getting wedding ready bridal look

sisters first look

bridal bouquet wedding bouquet and ring

The Wedding Day

For the wedding day, we wanted to create relaxed, modern romance with a sophisticated undertone. The head table is grounded in a grey linen with white chiffon softly draping over the front, topped with a lush ivy garland. We used gentle greys and taupes accented by a rich terracotta orange and fresh sprigs. Terrarium centerpieces and an assortment of candles are asymmetrically placed around the table for a modern flare. 

The same hues of dusty taupes are carried into the bouquets and are complemented with soft corals and textured greens. The wedding dress is both modern and feminine with a sequenced halter top but a soft tulle skirt. Soft, organic textures are balanced with chic accents - all these details are brought together for an effortlessly modern yet romantic style.

modern and romantic sweethearts table

wedding accessories flower fill modern terarriums

copper orange and grey wedding place setting

orange and grey cheers to sisters

maid of honor bouquet

maid of honor gift Will you be my maid of honor

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