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How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Florist

gorgeous light pink and white floral decor ideas

Who here knows a ton about flowers and floral arrangements? If your answer is no (and trust us, you are not alone) the first step is admitting you need help. Do you need a florist or a floral designer? Where do you go to find good advice? And what should you expect to spend on flowers?
Keep scrolling down to find all of these answers while you enjoy the spectacular blush pink floral creations by the talented Anita, owner of Wine Country Flowers. You can find these and more fabulous images captured by Megan Clouse Photography in the full gallery.

soft pink and white bouquet

glammed up bouquet wrap and bouquets for bridesmaids

white and pink rose boutonnieres

How to Pick a Florist

A Florist vs. a Floral Designer:
Florists are experts at producing gorgeous arrangements for any occasion, especially weddings. They are prevalent and easy to find and generally cost less then a Floral Designer. However they often have to juggle dozens of orders at the same time especially around the holidays.
Floral Designers are independent creatives that wear many hats in the decoration world. They can help you to create an overarching theme with your flowers and can focus on one client at a time. However they will be more expensive to hire.

floral covered wedding arch

pink and white rose covered wedding arch

floral aisle decor ideas

Ask Around:
Did your best friend, co-worker, and/or sister-in-law get married recently? These are all generally good places to to start asking about good or bad experiences with floral designers/florists. But keep in mind their tastes might not match up with yours!
Another really great place to ask would be your wedding venue. They have likely seen numerous weddings (good and bad) and could help you narrow down what makes the perfect florist.

pastel pink and white flower arrangement

floral ideas for cocktail hour

welcome and escort card table with frilly tablecloth

Set a Budget:
Knowing exactly how much you intend to spend is beneficial to you and your florist. If you know where the limit is, they can be more realistic about what they can or can’t create for you.
What’s a reasonable flower budget? Plan on spending 8 to 10 percent of your total wedding budget on flowers. For example, the average wedding in the United States in 2013 cost $28,400. That adds up to a little less then $3,000 for flowers on average.

cover your chandeliere in beautiful flowers

create a romantic atmosphere with enchanting floral decor

gorgeous tall pink white and gold floral centerpiece and framed table number

glamorous tent reception decked out in amazing florals plus fun bride and groom seat signs

Dessert Recipe

After all of this flower talk this dessert table is positively drool worthy. We love that adorable rose frosted wedding cake and all of the mini cupcakes in just about every flavor you can imagine. But how about those red velvet whoopee pies?! Looking for a recipe? Here’s one, Now go home and bake those suckers while you discuss flowers with your bestie, and let us know how they were!

rose frosted wedding cake and red velvet whoopee pies

copper sequin tablecloth dessert table with oodles of sweets

pink champagne cupcakes

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