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How to Make Weed Work At Your Wedding

How to Make Weed Work At Your Wedding

We’re going to be really blunt RN: weed can work for your wedding, AND still be a good look for you. Truly. As marijuana continues to become legal across the U.S., it only makes sense that the good vibes would float into the wedding world, without just becoming another iteration of the Coachella wedding. ((We’re always here for it, but not every event needs teepees, fringe, and plenty of pot)). We’ve gotten close with California-based cannabis event curating company, Grassfed, and they have a serious gift when it comes to dealing with guests and ganja - yes, for the purpose of alliteration, let’s not judge us for that word HAHA. We asked them to share their favorite ways for incorporating low-dosing fun into a couple’s I Dos, and they gave us so many ideas.

How this team of buds is blazing a serious trail.

Grassfed is the premier creator and producer of cannabis-themed events in California. Their mission is to help de-stigmatize social cannabis consumption by offering sophisticated and mindful ways to enjoy its properties, akin to wine tastings - we loveee the way they think about it. They believe in a smoke-free approach, which allows them to integrate classy and discreet cannabis bars into events in a way that makes them as subtle and approachable as a cocktail bar. Their goal is to use cannabis as a way to enhance experiences and keep guests active and engaged, rather than as a way to disconnect, and their team of Budtenders (the backbone of the entire business) helps make sure every guest is using the cannabis products that are most appropriate for them.

How to Make Weed Work At Your Wedding

So, what’s it all mean? Well, basically well-balanced, enlightened fun for the entire evening. It’s not just vows followed by vaping, either; Grassfed produces events, so they’re not just there to bring the party (although they obviously do). They’ll work with wedding planners and other vendors to figure out what makes the most sense for the cannabis cause and how best to use it with the company that will be there. And that’s a huge deal, because let’s be honest, a huge deterrent for couples who’ve even considered infusing weed into their wedding is that it’ll be unwelcome and uncomfortable for their guests.

Your guests can find themselves on cloud 9, without being swallowed up into [smoke] clouds.

Going back to that earlier point about Grassfed believing in a smoke-free approach, this is golden. Weddings will always be experiences that are tailored to the two getting married, but at the end of the day, even if the pair tokes on the reg, when they tie the knot, they probably won’t want their nearest and dearest getting shrouded in smoke.

How to Make Weed Work At Your Wedding

That’s a great thing about Grassfed. They get those hesitancies and make sure couples can have their cannabis-charged weddings, with “classy” applications - and ones that happen to look 🔥🔥🔥 on camera. Like way better than any of those Juul pod photos that are making their rounds right now….

Just a few of Grassfed’s favorite wedding HIGH-lights:

Again, since their emphasis is on mindful consumption and responsible dosing, they make sure that private events like weddings are done right. Their brilliant and educated budtenders offer vaping of cannabis flower and concentrates in a smoke-free environment, and facilitate microdosing of edibles and infused cocktails. This way, guests can enjoy themselves without getting too crazy.

Vaping bars.

How to Make Weed Work At Your Wedding

Infusion stations & Spiked signature cocktails.

Imagining cocktail hour with some cannabis accouterments - delicious dipping oils, titillating tapas, yas yas yassss. And then the drinks... Just a drop or two of THC can totally turn up those signature sips.

Sweet send offs. 

How to Make Weed Work At Your Wedding

Handcrafted chocolates (in the prettiest packaging, too) for guests to enjoy at your dessert hour or dig into at home - when the dancing heels and makeup come off, and the hair goes down. Delicious.🍫

Feeling a little different about that weed wedding? Yah, we thought that might happen. Hit up Grassfed and see how their mind-blowing event crew can help you lace up your wedding… in the coolest and classiest way possible.


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We partnered with Grassfed to give couples some highlights to consider for their big days. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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