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How To Look As Fabulously Dramatic As Your Winter Wedding

How To Look As Fabulously Dramatic As Your Winter Wedding

We here at Wedding Chicks are always game for a glamorous winter wedding, especially one that is as fabulously dramatic as this black white and burgundy event pulled together by Luciana Weddings And Events. But how do you begin to find the right look to match your winter chic day? Well, we suggest taking a page out of this tré-tré chic brides book for one. 

Keep scrolling to see what we mean and be sure to check out the full gallery for all the fab winter drama you could ever need, thanks to the photography talents of Antonis Prodromou.

wedding in the winter

chic and dramatic wedding style bride in a Gala Montenapoleone dress

chic bridal style for the Winter

Gala Montenapoleone wedding dress

Gala Montenapoleone wedding dress wedding dress by Gala Montenapoleone

dark red and black wedding bouquet

dark red and black wedding flowers dark grey modern wedding cake

modern winter wedding cake table

A Winter Wedding Dream

A rocky backdrop of tumbling ruined walls, autumn rust leaves, and the crisp winter air all around; There stands our bride the light and the warmth. 

The location is window dressing to the main attraction. A wedding gown of white lace flowers that trail around the bride like the memories she is making, classic earrings and a gothic deep wine red wedding bouquet that burns like a winter fire in the hearth of the whole day, all from Gala Montenapolene. The sumptuous Bordeaux flower wreaths from Luciana Event creations, that adorn the tables, include winter berries and evergreens, all lasting the year through and in constant bloom like the love between two people. Gala Montenapolene weaves together the wild winter flowers and the studded embodied detail of the wedding dress flowers, so they flow with each other in dance.

The bride conveys her emotions and inner beauty through her full emerald eyes, and an emerald rock set in a lavish vintage style ring mirrors what is in her soul. This emerald ring, from Loizos Papaioannou Jewellery, sparks amid the pure white dress and the full-bodied wine flower displays. It reflects in the bride’s pure emerald eyes and she reflects her desires back in the bright green stone. Together, they are in perfect unison. 

Party City arrange tables and decorations for royalty with subtle candlelight and glass themes only excluding a glass slipper itself. The styling of the wedding tables and displays are fit for a banquet hall and are a display of winter excellence.

All this made a wedding photography shoot that had a classic style, a fairy tale essence, and the colors of a winter palette that bring warmth and shine right through a winter day.

glam bridal style for the Winter

wedding accessories Gala Montenapoleone wedding dress

gold winter wedding invitation

candle lit romantic wedding table decor for the winter

floating floral table halo black and glass wedding table place setting winter dramatic wedding table idea

dramatic romantic wedding table for the winter

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