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How To Have A Dark And Dramatic Themed Wedding

How To Have A Dark And Dramatic Themed Wedding

Something that we forget all too often is that there is beauty everywhere, even in the darkness. So when Cmart Celebrations and SassTass & The Pour Horse Mobile Bar Co. decided to play with a "Not-So-White" wedding their results were an absolute masterpiece of smokey and rich details we just cannot wait to share with you.

Not only are there two stunning wedding cakes, but the brides dark and dramatic style has us hooked! We sure hope we start seeing more of this alternative trend but for now we have a full gallery of Ashley Medrano Photography's photos to hold us over. 

black and tulle dramatic wedding look

dramatic wedding shoes white and silver wedding invitations with floral envelope insert wedding invitations in silver and white wedding rings

The Inspiration

It’s a nice day for a Not-So-White Wedding In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, we’re able to see wedding trends all over the place. From gorgeous tablescapes of blush and burgundy to tips on the perfect dress for your shape, inspiration is everywhere. But sometimes, all those double taps and Pinterest boards become less inspiring and more monotonous. At least, that’s how myself and Tassie Grantham, of SassTass & The Pour Horse Mobile Bar Co., felt when working on wedding after wedding with the same look and feel. 

We wanted to see something bold. That’s when the idea of a “Not-So-White Wedding” was born. Together, we began to think of ways to break the mold of what a traditional wedding looks like, without compromising class or elegance. No one wants the big day to look like a funeral.

The Location

Tassie, myself, and Ashley spotted some different areas at the beautiful Carriage Hills Ranch that would serve as the best backdrop. But with so many breathtaking views, it was impossible for us to limit ourselves to just one location, so we decided to embrace the space and used multiple locations to show off the versatility of the venue. 

sunset wedding photos

groom in black and velvet wedding style for your not so white wedding

smoke bomb wedding photo ideas

dramatic and dark themed wedding party

pencil skirt and floral crop top bridesmaid look bridesmaid style

wedding braid

The Colors

After the sites were chosen, a team of visionary vendors needed to be assembled to pull this off this unconventional theme. With Ultraviolet (the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year) on the brain, we set out to create a rich, moody vibe, pairing the saturated color with a classic black foundation. Our intent was to supplicate the viewers “fairy-tale” fantasy to an enigmatic, sultry romance. 

The Style

Glam on Demand blew us away by pairing classy pulled back mohawk braids with smokey eyes for the ultra chic bride tribe, who were in pants and a pencil skirt with a matching floral print crop top. Christian, our groom, donned an all-black tux twist with a luxe crushed velvet jacket, to compliment his emboldened bride, Eden, who modeled a black bodysuit with lace details and (very) full black tulle skirt lined with grey and blue accents. Who knew comfortable could be so show-stopping? 

dramatic cascading bouquet

bridal accessories wedding ceremony lit by candles overgrown wedding flower arrangement floating candles

drama drama drama for your wedding day

wedding cake idea for you dramatic and dark themed wedding

candle lit wedding ceremony dramatic wedding portrait with smoke bomb

The Food

To complement the Cakes Couture masterpieces (which changed color in the light), Tassie mixed together a sultry Gin Spritzer that looked just as good as it tasted and complimented the black and purple hues of the desserts. 

The Jewelry

Nicole Mera showcased her exquisite jewelry designs with an Asscher cut diamond set in custom platinum, paired with a matching platinum and diamond eternity band for the bride and a Cobalt Chrome and hammered zirconium band for the groom. She also brought along a pair of platinum and diamond studs, a black diamond rose cut, pear shape bypass ring, and a round black diamond rose cut slider pendant to complete the brides look. 

black and sliver wedding cake

wedding cakes candles and flowers for your dark dramatic wedding

dark themed wedding idea

wedding chandelier dramatic candle lit wedding dark themed wedding idea

romantic and dark themed table setting

The Flowers

De Vinnie’s Paradise constructed a remarkable cascading bridal bouquet with bridesmaid bouquets and groom's boutonniere to match. She kept the cascading theme with various floral arrangements that overflowed from their vases, while the eclectic atmosphere was decorated with a variety of velvet benches, wooden tables, antique candlesticks, and silver trays from Rustic Romance Rentals

The Photography

And, of course, the whole shoot wouldn’t have worked without the evocative eye of Ashley Medrano. She holds a knack for capturing light that encapsulated the romantic, clandestine feel of the shoot. Known for pushing boundaries and idiosyncratic editing, her precision radiates the essence each vendor was avidly working towards. Thanks to an amazing team of vendors we were able to pull off a shoot that will hopefully drive couples to push the status quo of what a wedding can be and embrace their dark side.

wedding cocktails

dramatic candle lit wedding black and silver wedding cake dark themed wedding idea

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