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How to Plan the Most Amazing Beach Proposal Ever

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Everyone loves a good proposal story (and a ring to match), right? Although mine was hardly epic ((that was my fault, though, my hubby had so many adorable plans that I somehow managed to foil… whoops, sorry, babe)), I’ll remember that night like it was yesterday for the rest of my life. I can play it out in my head, minute by minute, the memory was/is just too good.

And since I’m a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise fan, I’ve seen lots of beach proposals. Each one cuter than the next. Ashley and Jared, 👀 at you two!!! Can’t even wait to see how that proposal went down IRL. #tuesdayaugust7cantcomesoonenough. Well, I read something this morning that got me thinking about some shore-🔥 ways to ensure she says ‘YES’ to a beachfront proposal. Neil Lane isn’t completely necessary… but if you have one of his sparklers handy, it couldn’t hurt 💎😍.

Jared Haibon proposing to Ashley Iaconetti on the beach Photo from:

If you’re popping the question, read through and take some notes, and if you’re awaiting your pier-side proposal, then you should probably pass this on to your person. A little message in a bottle, if you will.

Plan for a day with blue skies and all the sun.

This is why we all have weather apps on our phones, because when we’re doing the asking on a beach, we need the perfect weather situation. Can’t be too too hot, because she’ll complain and bitch about wanting to bail for a bar with AC (not even kidding, I can be this boujee, it’s not even hard). And rain, nope. You’ll just want to pack it right in and try for another day. So, don’t rush the all-important question. Plan to do it on a day that’s sure to be flawless.

Write it in the sand.

This is where I got the inspiration for this post. Yes, it’s cute to do a little ‘will you marry me?’ inscription with a stick you found somewhere washed up on the shore - BUT, what if you could get some help, and lock down a super post-worthy photo situation in the process? Instead of a grade school attempt at sand scribing, you can now consider a robot reboot. A guy by the name of Ivan Miranda just designed and built an autonomous printer that can draw messages in sand. An over-sized print heads travels back and forth between sets of large wheels that slowly roll the entire printer across the beach. As the print head moves, an etching tool lowers and raises to carve lines in the sand that eventually form longer messages. And it looks cool AF. Especially if you can get a drone to capture your caption from high above. Your future spouse will be soooo shook!


A sandcastle contest works, too… if you promise not to lose the ring to a crab crawling in the sand or a wave crashing into your creations and whisking your ring out to sea. Pretty hard to find that 💍 when the tides take it.

Have potable provisions at the ready.

Picnics are priceless. And made even better with snacks and sips that you both love. So, plan to picnic that day, and make sure you have ALL the best bites and bevs to bring along with you. But, of course, don’t make it blatantly obvious that they’re all apparent proposal accoutrements. Champs and strawberries can be a dead giveaway that the big Q is going down, so instead, throw in a few things that’ll have him/her dismissing any proposal predictions. Chips, quac and queso - messy sandwiches, might throw her off. ((Unless your lover has been asking about an avocado proposal for forever))... Just make sure you have a stash of the good toasting stuff ready for afterwards. Even if that means calling for backup. If she only celebrates with rosé, have her bestie waiting in the wings with a huge glass poured for her pleasure.

Set up for beach proposal - you, me and the sea Photo Credit:

Look for restaurants that offer dinner on the water.

Dinner at dusk is a delicious way to do it, especially if the two of you are serious seafood fans. Book a reservation at a beach-bound eatery, and plan to have your server bring out a palate cleanser - sorbet with your sparkler nestled inside or after-dinner drinks that are so pretty he/she is too mesmerized by the mixology to recognize you pulling out a much more blinding diversion. This is a great idea if you plan to pop the question while you’re on vacay. An extra special dinner under your own bungalow on the beach. 👌

Work in a treasure hunt, and you’ve got gold.

No matter how old you and your S.O. are, you can always get down with a treasure hunt. So, use your beach as a place to bury that bounty of yours (the ring, favorite photos of yours, memories that you’ve bookmarked throughout your relationship for this special occasion). You might need help to execute this epic adventure. But this is what you have friends for. There’s a few spots on your bridal party roster with their names on them, if they can help you make this magic happen.

Couple just engaged on the beach; photo by Third Strand Photography Photo Credit:

We’re also big fans of beach-style engagement rings. Aquamarine gemstones, seaglass stunners… yes, yes.

Let us know about your own beach proposals!! Tag #weddingchicks  for a chance to be featured. 🌊🐚💍

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