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Beautiful And Bright Forest Wedding In Italy

Boho chic bridal looks

Simple, romantic and boho chic, has to be one of our favorite wedding styles. As you will soon see the entire day has a  70's vibe. overflowing with warm and lively colors, relaxed looks and polished details.
The best part of  the shoot, it was all captured in the woods next to the Pradis Caves, in the north east of Italy. Always fun to to see romantic destinations from around the world ... don't you think?
There are so many more pretty details to see in the full gallery here, captured by Wedding City.

fun and sweet orange wedding stationery

wood cuts ring pillow

bright bold stationery

Blue, yellow, gold and coral red characterized all the staging of the wedding stationary that preferred the floral motif rather than the bright colors of table glasses, in line with a 70's atmosphere. The set of the shooting is a wood next to the Pradis caves, in the north east of Italy, a location that is so beautiful and mysterious that it appears almost enchanted.

playing guitar in the forest

rose boutonniere

bright pink and yellow bouquet

vintage gown

Serena and Francesco of Wedding City Photography have depicted the two young models in simple garments. Her dress is a vintage model from the 70's, simple and embellished with the lively colors of the bouquet and of the colorful flower crown.

ribbon wall escort card idea

ribbon wall

nonconformist venue

A contrast that is revoked also by the compositions on the table that match unrefined materials such as wood, glass to color that is emphasized by the natural light that filters from the branches of the trees. The location gave us the chance to express the idea of a non conventional wedding at its best, perfect for a nonconformist couple that loves beauty.

outdoor reception

cloth covered vase floral ideas

boho chic wedding stationery

Simple details

The idea arises, as always, from the desire to challenge oneself and experiment different styles and, above all, to play with color, the true protagonist of this service. The stationary and the natural elements such as flowers and leaves are combined to the color gold, letting the preciousness of apparently simple details emerge.

succulent wedding favors

wedding dessert table

delicious dessert bites

cute cake banner

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