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Natural Desert Wedding Ideas

Julie and Gil Photography

A wedding in the dessert isn't the usual route, but this gorgeous shoot illustrates how lovely it could be! With a bohemian vibe and a  color palette of neutral and berry colors it exudes a comfortable, natural and romantic look.
The decor from Bloom in May seems like it was made for this lovely dessert landscape. We adore all the prettiness. Delve further into these natural desert wedding ideas via the full gallery here, captured by Julia and Gil Photography.

pretty purple and green wedding stationery

twisted bun hairstyle

wedding teepee in the dessert

pink wedding ring

beautiful desert photography

How to: Desert chic

The dress should be suitably, long and slightly decreasing, we have built a teepee and opted for a small table, so that the couple must sit on blankets.  There are lanterns, fruits on the table and a summery outfit choice. Everything fits together beautifully in the desert landscape.

reception for two in the dessert

fruit and flower filled table setting

pink frosted cupcakes

feather embellished flatware

Single-Layer wedding cakes

It's undeniable that five tier wedding cakes are show stoppers, but maybe that's not for you. If you want to keep things sweet and simple (and more budget friendly) consider a single tier wedding cake instead. Single tier cakes can still be dressed to perfection, a fact proven by the amazing cake below from Marshalls Mum, and if you want more than one you can dress them up as differently as you please. Multiple single tier cakes are a great option for providing numerous easy-access flavors and are easier to DIY if you have the baking skills for it!

pink flower topped cake

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