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A New Renaissance: A Mystical Italian Affair

elegant and romantic Italian wedding ideas

This is a unique styled shoot because of its story, inspired by the figure of Lucrezia de' Pazzi, an Italian aristocrat promised bride and then became a saint. We tried to tell the essence of a special woman, delicate, refined and strong.

All the gorgeous photos were captured by Chiara Natale and coordinated and styled by Chiara Metefori. You can see all the photos in the full gallery here. Read on to hear all about this inspiration from Chiara Metefori. Prepare to be in awe of the floral creations by Floricanto.

flat lay styling

flat lay styling flat lay styling

flay lay styling

getting ready photos wedding dress photo

Wedding dress designer

Contradictions that flow into a mystical aesthetic where naturalness, richness of details and clean lines, finally coexist. In this work we wanted the opposites conversing with each other. Anna Fucà is the designer of all three dresses of this editorial, three dresses representing the evolution of Lucrezia. The dresses bring out three different traits of Lucrezia’s character, three different moments of her evolution as a woman and as a Saint.

vintage wedding ideas

The creation of this project has been driven by two particular words and concepts: Eclectic and Elegant. This inspiration shoot we made in Tuscany is inspired by the figure of Lucrezia de' Pazzi, an Italian aristocrat promised bride and then became a saint. Caterina Lucrezia’s delicacy and character, her pursuit of simplicity and beauty - even in opulence - are the traits that inspired the concept of this project.

off the shoulder wedding dress

Off The Shoulder Dress

The first dress resembles a priestly tunic and is completed by ornaments on the shoulders. The cleanliness of the line is its first characteristic, then the details, the precious finishes, the embroidery with more severe geometric motifs.

up close floral design

bride in church candles lit

bridal portrait ideas

Sacred Icongraphy

We choose the tradition of sacred iconography, that you can recognize in the shapes, the lines, the curves and the light. The light created atmospheres and suggestions, giving even more strength and symbolic meaning to all the various moments of the story, guiding us in photography and filming.

bridal portrait ideas wedding perfume photo


majestic portrait

The Venue

Villa Pazzi al Parugiano is the ancient manor of the Pazzi’s Family, and it has the family blazon on the main entrance. One of the most beautiful ornaments in the villa are the majestic and opulent wooden decorations of the Coppedè, a family of architects and decorators who bought the villa in 1935 and restored it by giving its particular eclectic mood. Different souls coexist in this historic building. In the sequence of rooms with very high ceilings, different harmonies and contrasts, carvings and geometries dialogue in an unusual way.

off the shoulder dress

wedding table styling ideas

Wedding Palette

The palette for this project is inspired by the frescoes of the villa’s church and by the colors used in Christian iconography. Is a palette composed of shades of intense blush pink, tending to orange, which create contrast with the whites and the various shades of green, from the aqua green of the sapphire of the solitaire, to the various greens used in the bouquet. Green is the color of rebirth, white is the color of purity and revelation, but it is also the symbol of change, of a deep mutation.

In the mise en place every plate has an irregular shape, a kind of poetic asymmetry, and because of that, it is unique. Every single component used has its own soul, like the minimal candle holders in ceramic that alternate linear geometries with soft shapes, glazed with colors reminiscent of our lands, such as the hand-cut paper used for the refined stationery and fabrics with imperfect colors, result of a long dyeing process with natural extracts. In that detail’s imperfection lies the beauty of what is truly authentic and therefore truly unique.

wedding table styling ideas wedding table styling ideas

wedding table styling ideas

escort card styling ideas

romantic wedding reception decor ideas floral wedding arrangement

cheese table styling ideas

cheese table styling ideas bread and rosemary

a_new_renaissance-78 lace wedding dress ideas

long sleeve wedding dress with full bouquet

Lace Wedding Dress

The third dress is a composition of different laces that assembled on the skirt make up 40 bouquets. Each bouquet has a composition and orientation designed to relate each element to the others. It is a precious yet ethereal dress, almost diaphanous telling of an ineffable but conscious femininity.

wedding lillies wedding lillies

long sleeve wedding dress

long sleeve wedding dress wedding crown

over the veil fce

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