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A Destination Wedding in Costa Rica Will Always Be the Right Decision

A Destination Wedding in Costa Rica Will Always Be the Right Decision

For yearssss, I’ve been obsessed with Costa Rica (my aunt and uncle went for an anniversary trip five years ago, and when my aunt talked about her outdoor shower, near the base of a volcano - I couldn’t shake the ‘take me there!!!’ feels); now, knowing a place like what we’re about to detail for you exists, I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to get there. Beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife, an amazingly-adventurous or relaxing repose in the rainforest - all of it is what dream vacations are made of, and then when you add in “vows with a view,” OMG, you have everything. Villa Punto De Vista, a full-service, impossibly-unique 18-bedroom estate and premium wedding venue in Costa Rica reminds us of the setting of Jumanji a little bit, but in the best ways possible. Kind of a ‘welcome to the jungle, baby’ vibe, but instead of running for your life from a stampede of rhinos, you’re soaking in every single second, staring at smiling sloths scaling trees from your bedroom window, and hoping the experience lasts forever. 

Life’s luxuries have been missing (for much more than a moment), so here’s where you can take them back. 

We won’t lie, this year has been a thief - of joy, of calm, of comfort, and community. When it’s all over (sooner than later, we hope), it’s going to be a wonderful thing to celebrate and revel in #returntosomenormalcyrealness right there. And a wedding is the perfect occasion to mark this monumental and universally-felt move forward, so that’s why its whereabouts need to be epic.

A Destination Wedding in Costa Rica Will Always Be the Right Decision

When you choose the Villa Punto de Vista Estate for your Costa Rica wedding, you’re getting your own private resort 🙌🙌🙌. Choose between two luxury villas or rent both: the 10-bedroom Villa Punto de Vista and the recently-unveiled 8-bedroom Villa la Isla. Each exclusive-use villa offers 5-star hotel amenities in distinctly-unique rooms, and together the Manuel Antonio Bay villas can accommodate groups of between 8 and 50 people overnight and events of up to 100. The villas themselves are beyond out of this world, with much more than just spectacular suites to offer. (Although, tbh, we’d be totally okay with even the lowest key wedding, if it meant we could spend a few days experiencing the ultimate chill that Costa Rica is known for and Villa PDV overdelivers on!)

… That celebrity vibe we were talking about? 

Well, when you stay at Villa Punto De Vista, you’re getting concierge-service morning, noon, and night.

As part of your pre-arrival concierge services, you can expect assistance on booking, transportation to and from the villa, tour/service reservations, pre-stocking, booking a chef as well as hotel rooms and villas for overflow guests - all of this allows you to sit back and look forward to your special day, stress-free. Your concierge will also be happy to help arrange pool parties, BBQs, or private welcome or goodbye gatherings to keep your crew engaged and energized from the start of their sojourn to the finish of your fete.

A Destination Wedding in Costa Rica Will Always Be the Right Decision

And food? So, your chef-prepared gourmet breakfasts are complimentary and served family-style ((you know we love a dining with your ride or dies situation + with bottomless Passion Fruit Champagne mimosas, what more can you ask for?)) in the villas’ luxurious dining areas. The onsite staff at the estate are available to prepare cocktails, provide tour and service suggestions, organize those squad goals (like a group spa trip or shopping in town) or adventure excursion reservations (like hiking in Costa Rica’s national parks), and give all the tips and assistance you and your squad might need throughout your time.

And the wedding itself is something you and your tie-the-knot team will never stop talking about.

Villa Punto De Vista has the most devoted and appreciative aisle alums! Seriously, just take a peek at their Insta feed, which is plentiful with photos of former brides and grooms on their happiest days ever. From thoughtful testimonials from the couples themselves to glowing remarks from mouth-gaping guests, the reviews and words about weddings in Costa Rica’s premiere 'I Do' destination are exceptional.

A Destination Wedding in Costa Rica Will Always Be the Right Decision

“Take advantage of EVERYTHING this beautiful space has to offer. Get a massage, enjoy some yoga on the rooftop, have a mimosa (compliments of the house 😉) Take in all the beauty surrounding you and just relax. Breath it all in! Everyone else may be a little hot & sweaty but trust me you will only be glowing. ✨💕” ~ Katie S.

"We recently stayed at Villa Punto De Vista for our daughter’s destination wedding and I cannot say enough about this place. The property and view is spectacular; but the staff is really what makes this place special...Overall, the wedding was beautiful, we were well taken care of and would definitely recommend this place for a destination wedding, anniversary, or any type of celebration."

~ G.J.

"Attended a destination wedding and it was quite impressive...in fact, it was the most amazing place we've ever stayed in! We travel a bit and we've stayed in some nice places but not quite as gorgeous as Villa Punto de Vista! The views from each of the rooms are amazing. The architecture is stunning and the service was perfect. We even had a view of Manuel Antonio from the shower! I highly recommend staying here." ~ Brian S.

See, those shower views… they’re no joke!!

A Destination Wedding in Costa Rica Will Always Be the Right Decision

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A Destination Wedding in Costa Rica Will Always Be the Right Decision

Start planning your group wedding getaway now. 

Because when you plan [a wedding] with Villa Punto De Vista, you’re a part of their paradisiacal family for life! 

The Villa is currently offering free chef services for the entirety of your stay or a 10 percent discount for any bookings through November 2020. Check availability now, because they’re almost entirely booked for 2021!

And follow along with Villa Punto De Vista on IG… just prepare for major FOMO.

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We partnered with Villa Punto De Vista to share this beyond dreamy Costa Rican wedding spot with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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