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A Good Photographer Gives Notes to Get the Good Shots

A Good Photographer Gives Notes to Get the Good Shots Photo Credit:

You know, we talk a lot about ways to ‘find the right vendor for your wedding,’ and often, we suggest looking at their social pages, especially for photographers. After all, like the feed? You’ll probably like the new friendor. Well, we’re still going to stand by this recommendation, but what we’ll say is that the right vendor won’t just be your friend ((although that’s the best)), he or she will step up to the plate and provide feedback. For a photographer, the goals are great pictures and a wonderful experience, and Chrystin Melanie ensures both with her clients. Learn more about Chrissy below, and don’t stress if you’re not stationed in or around Michigan. Her heart leads her anywhere she’ll be capturing all the love.

This woman shows dedication ((seriously she’ll go anywhere!))

Chrystin Melanie Photography is a wedding photography service that also specializes in maternity and family photography. Her home base is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but, TBH, she travels all over Michigan and the world making memories. She loves photographing couples on their wedding days and has had the opportunity to photograph weddings across her state, from East to West Coast, and even across the pond in England. Moments are precious, and wedding days go by fast, so it’s important to Chrystin and her namesake business to make sure everything is commemorated in a special way. Her style is a mix of artistic and documentary, and she likes to tell stories through her images. At the end of the day, if she can help couples feel comfortable, allow them to enjoy their days, and provide them with quality portraits and candids that will last a lifetime, then she’s done her job!

A Good Photographer Gives Notes to Get the Good Shots

With all those pretty photos, there’s a BTS process

Those pretty photos you see and go 😍 over? Yes, well, it took a lot to get to that perfection ((perfection in the way of a beautiful, authentically in-love couple)). It obviously involved a happy couple, but it also involved some expert staging and tuition by the talented photographer. Miss Chrissy told us her ways, and her artistic background definitely helps make sure her just-marrieds turn out as masterpieces!!

… Here’s how Tara took direction.

“Chrissy was so great to work with! She did both our engagement photos and wedding photos and we couldn’t be happier. Every interaction with her was very fun, professional, and I really felt like she knew what she was doing. She was even able to give a lot of advice and assemble a style guide to help me choose outfits for our engagement session and things to watch out for when doing your makeup. After seeing our engagement pictures come back, I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the wedding pictures. We have the sneak peek from the wedding and the pictures are AMAZING – I can’t even stress enough how happy we are with everything and I’m so excited to see how the rest of them turn out. We chose a package that came with a 2nd shooter and the 2nd shooter did an amazing job too, even getting all the way down on the ground or climbing into trees to get the shot he wanted. Overall, I just feel so good about how everything is turning out and would recommend her in a heartbeat!” ~ Tara G. 

A Good Photographer Gives Notes to Get the Good Shots

So, how can you know your prospective photographer is legit?

1.) Are they confident enough to coach you through your sessions (style guide and all)?

2.) Do they do their best to learn about you as a couple, and make suggestions about places to plan your engagement and wedding photos / where they know you’ll feel comfortable and let your real selves shine?

3.) Will they throw themselves into awkward positions (you know like up in trees 😉) to get the shot? 

If you can answer YES to all the above, then you’re looking at your star player… she goes by the name of Chrystin Melanie, Chrissy to her besties! Reach out now to inquire about having her on your best day ever.


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We partnered with Chrystin Melanie Photography to share all the details on her shooting pursuits. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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