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18 of the Most Epic Bride Tribe Shots from 2018

Bach & Boujee Bachelorette Party Balloons Photo from:

OMG, I can literally remember sitting down last year to muse over our favorite pics of 2017, and now I’m doing the same thing for 2018. TOTAL BLUR. It’s pretty amazing doing these best-of roundups, but it’s also the biggest black hole situation you can get yourself into. No one wants to stop after looking at 50, 100, 300 even 500 pictures 😳, and even as I’m writing this - thinking about all the pics I plucked for this post - I’m still feeling like I could pull another heavyweight cache of captures. 2018, to be precise...

We’d all be here until the New Year, though, so let’s no do that. Instead, let’s marvel at a less-intimidating stock of snaps that feature one of our favorite things: a bride and her tribe. Whether it’s the rehearsal dinner, when champagne is flowing and the gifts and cards are getting passed out, the morning of the wedding, when the whole crew is getting all glammed up, during the all-important first look, when a bride totally shocks her squad with her #soontobewifey self, or right before the wedding, when a bride needs the support and strength of her sista sistas to lead her into the biggest steps of her life thus far, these incredible opportunities for photos between a bride and the best people she knows cannot be missed.

Bride praying and holding hands with her bridesmaids before ceremony Photo Credit:

It’s an example of something we talk about all the time - the fact that the most special wedding scenes are the ones that are totally unprompted and that catalyst ALL the feels. And when photographers are lucky enough to be there to catch the crew during these elusive moments, it’s straight up magical.

We went through some of our faves from the Wedding Chicks feed over the last few months, checked out our #inspiration page and the prettiest posse posts from our vendors, and grabbed a couple shots from a handful of other photographers we stalk (consistently), and if you’re getting ready to be a bride in 2019, let these Gram gems be your guide for some epic group shots!

Check it! 

Bride toasting her girls with red champagne and pjs in bed Photo Credit:

Bride singing out loud with her bridesmaids Photo Credit:

Bride and bridesmaids getting ready in robes Photo Credit:

Bride's first look with blush and berry clad bridesmaids Inspiration:

Bride and bridesmaids who run the world Photo Credit:

Bride doing first look with bridesmaids Photo Credit:

Bride and her bridesmaids really fierce Photo Credit:

Bride and her bridesmaids crying over the big day Photo Credit:

Bride and her bridesmaids drinking champagne in robes Photo Credit:

Bride and bridesmaids in soft sea foam green with flower rings Photo Credit:

Bride and bridesmaids in jewel tone and velvet dresses Photo Credit:

Bride and bridesmaids in front of cactus field Inspiration:

Bride and bridesmaids wearing I Do crew shoes Photo Credit:

Bride and Bridesmaids in Embracing Circle Inspiration:

Groom and his bridesmaids in white blazers Photo Credit:

Bride and bridesmaids with leather jackets Photo Credit:

And one for g. luck.

Flower girl in winter coat with curls and ballet flats Photo Credit:

Flower girls that slayed in 2018.. coming to a post near you SOON.

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