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20 Epic Wedding Photos of 2017

The year 2017 gave us a balance of delicate and inspiring love. The movement amongst these photos gives us a refreshing look on the last 12 months of our lives. A reminder that the wedding day is not only the celebration of matrimony but the celebration of love and family. Whether an elopement took place or an intimate gathering, these photos radiate honest love. We hand picked 20 diverse images filled with color,  kick-ass florals, the cutest little flower girl and the epic result of two confetti cannons. This was not a contest, we chose these images because we like them. We start with this epic image from The Hearnes.

All elements of these photos create a resonating sense of emotion keeping us on our toes, helping us to be present, and ringing in the new year with an original sense of confidence. You will find inspiration for your own wedding in these images. Try envisioning your ceremony and reception as a blank canvas and you are the artist creating any kind of setting you desire. Say goodbye to the typical traditions of not wearing black to a wedding, having a white cake, and being able to wear whichever color wedding dress you'd like. Do whatever the hell you want! Just make sure you have a good photographer there to capture each moment. 

We're grateful for all wedding photographers giving us a fine selection of imagery and can't wait to see what the new year has in store. You can imagine picking only 20 was a difficult task. We cannot help but celebrate love in all forms, after all we are a wedding blog. We hope you enjoy our list of 20 epic photos from this year. See ya later 2017 xoxo