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12 Big Rock Engagement Rings We Love RN

Big Engagement Ring from A.Jaffe Inspiration:

Soooo OFFICIAL congrats are in order for JTV star, Gina Rodriguez!!! ICYMI, she posted a sweet birthday message to her honey, Joe LoCicero, yesterday - which was adorable, of course. But the majority of the comments (nearly 3K, NBD) that rolled in focused more on the blinding bling rather than the birthday King. And we’d be lying if we said we didn’t notice that first, as well. Hard to miss, when a ring is that big. Are we right?

Anyways, we knew that the two were for sure engaged, after hearing the actress confirm to several media outlets over the last few days - PEOPLE, AP, etc. But who are we kidding, what we all REALLY wanted was a better view of that rock (which started popping up in pics of the couple on vacay in Tulum late last month). And we finally have it.

Gina Rodriguez Is Engaged With a Huge Rock gina-rodriguez-engaged-big-ring Photo Credit:

First impressions: it’s umm. stunning. And big. Not just big, but BIG BIG. One of those engagement rings that the phrase ‘that ring tho’ doesn’t even do justice to. To the naked eye, the ring appears to be an enormous and beyond-radiant emerald cut, but those details seemingly don’t even matter. The size is just 😍 (and we wish we could make those hearts BIGGER and BIGGGGGER and BIGGGGGGER).

Definitely following in the steps of celebs like Hailey Baldwin, Karlie Kloss, and Paris Hilton who are sporting similarly-sizable stones on that finger. And giving us a little reason to believe that big rings are the next big thing when it comes to soon-to-be brides. Guess it only makes sense for these trends to come full circle, since tiny engagement rings were huge last year!

Big Engagement Ring from La More Design Inspiration:

We’re feeling real inspired by the giant rock look RN, so we thought it was only appropriate to round up some of biggest rocks we’ve double tapped on Instagram and spent way too much time on on our Inspiration feed in the last few months. They might not have the stackability factor (altho ☝️says so, so maybeee not) that some of our recent favorites have, but at least you don’t have to wear much to let them shine. They do that all on their own.

One pro tip though… 

If you want to go extra big with your center stone, just make sure you do it with a thin band. That’s what makes a ring like this a big win. Promiseeeee

Happy Friday, chicks!!! Scroll as you wish!

Big Engagement Ring from Good Stone Inspiration:

Big Engagement Ring from Victor Barbone Jewelry Photo Credit:

Big Engagement Ring from James Allen Inspiration:

Big Engagement Ring from Anna Sheffield

Big Engagement Ring from Victor Barbone Jewelry Photo Credit:

Big Engagement Ring from S. Kind & Co. Inspiration:

Big Engagement Ring from Kristin Coffin Jewelry

Big Engagement Ring from Spence Diamonds Inspiration:

Big Engagement Ring from Joseph Jewelry Inspiration:

Big Engagement Ring from Kwiat Ring:

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