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17 Alternative Christmas Trees

Simple and still quite classic, this garland wrapped teepee frame keeps your gifts contained and is a whimsical variation of the traditional Christmas tree.
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17 Alternative Christmas Trees
Simple and still quite classic, this garland wrapped teepee frame keeps your gifts contained and is a whimsical variation of the traditional Christmas tree.
No bad ombre's here! This white, silver and black christmas tree has us swooning and looking for any reason to keep this beautiful faux tree up year around! looking for more white xmas tree ideas? Check them out here!
Not wanting to purchase a full tree but still looking for that authentic pine scent in your home? This pine branch tree not only saves you space but is sure to leave your home smelling pine fresh! Domino gave us some awesome ideas for minimalist trees. 
Martha Stewart knows how to do it right! We are so in love with this flower christmas tree, it feels so fresh and cheery! Find out what it took to make this gorgeous tree here!
So you've heard of a white christmas, but what about silver christmas trees? The chic and frosted feeling of this glamorous tree dressed in sparkling silver decorations is the perfect holiday decor element for your ultra modern home! See this and even more alternative tree ideas here
For all our Southwest friends or those just desert fans, we know you have more cacti that you do pine trees so why not just add a little festive cheer to your natural surroundings! See the how to for this cactus by visiting Sugar & Cloth.
Oooooh how magical is this tree/wall decor?! Not only is this copper star tree decor whimsical, it also cuts down on all that work of decorating the lower half of your tree! Love it? see more of it at OhhhMhhh!
If you already have a chalkboard wall set up in your home why not play around with that for the holiday season? And if you are open to a large change to your decor, check out this fabulous Chalkboard wall DIY by Mr. Kate.
The fantastic thing about driftwood Christmas trees is that you can take your holiday decor off of them, and use them all year round.  The make fantastic decor pieces. Buy tree from. We cannot get enough of this reusable piece of art. Driftwood Beach Style
How fab is this! We love the industrial feel of this alternative tree. Looking to light up your own bird cage? We can't get enough of this super cute vintage bird cage!
No room for a tree? Why not head down to your corner tree lot and ask the folks there if you can take a few of their discarded branches. This way you can enjoy that lovely fresh pine scent in your home but without sacrificing any floor space!
Not into all the mess that a real tree creates and puzzling over where to store a fake tree for the rest of the year? You can get this fabulous pine tree printed fabric from Ikea for just $5 a yard! Problem solved.
Go green with these cute little saplings that you can eventually plant after the snow melts and then you will have your Christmas tree for years to come. Just head on over to your local nursery and they should have several for you to choose from!
For the modern loft dweller a traditional Christmas tree might look a bit out of place. That is why we are in love with this raw plywood tree!
Not sure what to do with that fabulous shipping pallet sign you made for you wedding day? Sand it down, re-stain it and paint on the perfect Christmas tree!
If painting a whole wall in chalkboard paint seems like too much of a commitment, why not just pair it down to a simple canvas? This cute little chalkboard tree is perfect for a home that is short on spare space.
OMG! Talk about over the top girly! This soft pink tulle tree is sure to have your inner 10 year old girl squealing! But to be fair, we squealed out loud when we first saw it too.
Trees can be expensive, so if you are looking to save a little cash this holiday season then we should mention our favorite new alternative tree trend. The ladder tree! It can be dressed up or dressed down, minimal or traditional, and take down is a breeze. We just might do this for our office this season.
Now we know that not all of you live in places where it snows for the Christmas season, so why limit your decor ideas to simply pine trees. We love the whimsical nature of this cactus strung with twinkle lights.
Who doesn’t love a good succulent centerpiece?! Well did you know that there are vendors on Etsy, like Succulent Solutions, where you can purchase a cute little succulent arrangement in the shape of a Christmas tree? Go check them out!
Now this took some dedication, but imagine the fun that was had while emptying all of those bottles. Pre-Christmas Christmas party anyone?!
hey there college students, not sure what to do with all those text books that the books store wouldn’t buy back? Pile them up, throw some lights on top and you are all set for the Holiday season.
Do you plan to be on a beach somewhere for the month of December? Well this tree branch placed in a sand filled glass jar sets the perfect mood for your warm weather Christmas.
Let’s just be honest, sometimes the simplest idea is the best. We can't help smiling when we see this snow covered fir tree print jazzed up with a simple homemade garland!