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URGENT PSA: Wedding Safe Alternatives To Cutting Trauma Bangs

wedding bang hairstyle Photo/Crown::

We interrupt our regularly scheduled stream of gorgeousness to bring you this urgent PSA. We don’t know who needs to hear this, but after binging the latest season of Emily in Paris, we felt compelled to say, please, please, please don’t cut bangs for yourself before your wedding! We know cutting trauma bangs seems like a great idea, or it may seem like the quickest way to feel good about yourself, to feel like you can control something in your life, but it is NEVER a good idea (ESPECIALLY BEFORE YOUR WEDDING!). If you need a change, there are other, wedding-friendly, ways to try bangs before your big day that require, well, less commitment.

Clip-On Bangs

wedding hair down with bangs Photo/Crown:

So if you haven’t heard of these babies before, you’re welcome. They’re exactly as the name suggests, they’re fake bangs that clip in, but there are also real human hair options out there as well. And while some are better than others, they’ll get the job done in a pinch and worst case scenario, you can just take them off. As opposed to waiting half a year for them to grow out. We think it’s a worthwhile investment, don’t you?

Faux Bang Hairstyle

curly hair wedding updo with crown Photo/Crown:

For a temporary fix (and a more natural look), you can do one of these hairstyle tutorials that turns your own hair into faux bangs. Now this is a hair DIY that we can get behind.




Bang Try-on Filter

wedding braid with bangs


We live in the digital age and there are a ton of ways to try on bangs virtually. From snapchat to instagram and TikTok, it seems like every app has a few different bang filters that you can try. And yes, some of them may look INSANE, but then, you can just take the filter off. No harm, no foul and no one ever has to know.

How To Cut Your Own Bangs The Right Way


OMG! We caught you…you’re seriously still considering it? If all else fails, and you find yourself reaching for the scissors, stop and reach for your phone instead. Call your hairstylist and have them cut your bangs for you, at least this way we know you’re in good (professional) hands. There, we said it.

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