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Ombré Lips Are Perfect For Weddings

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Ok, so normally we don’t recommend experimenting with “trends” for your wedding makeup, but this is one we can get behind. You’ve seen it everywhere lately-gradient lips, ombré lips, or some people refer to it as lip contouring, but they’re essentially the same thing. Basically, instead of just swiping one shade across your lips, you use a few different colors of lipstick and lip liner to create an effect that really pops! You can use it to make your lips look fuller and, dare we say, juicy. Or you can use it to create a smudgy just been kissed look for that barely-there makeup vibe. Here are a few examples that really knocked this trend out of the park. We’ve also included a few tutorial videos if you feel like giving it the old DIY try.

Now that you’ve got your inspo, here’s everything you need to know before your hair and makeup trial. Don’t have your HMUA yet? Here are 10 of the best and most of them travel worldwide!




Shades of Pink

Pink is always a great color for wedding makeup. It adds a playful touch to any look plus you can get as bright or subtle with it as you like. Try a ballet pink for a soft kissable look or get adventurous with a bright coral.

coral ombre lip


light pink gradient lip Photo:

hot pink ombre lip Photo:

matte coral gradient lip Photo:

fuchsia ombre lip Photo:

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Shades of Nude

For that no-makeup makeup look, there's no better way to go than with a contoured nude lip. Get a liner that's a few shades darker than your natural lip color and a lipstick that's a shade or two lighter, follow one of the tutorial videos, and then blend. Then, to gloss or not to gloss, that is the question.

nude ombre lips two tone Photo:

glossy lip contour Photo:

glossy nude lip contour Photo:

lip contour Photo:


When it comes to makeup, it doesn't get more classic than a red lip and we love how vampy a red lip looks in a gradient! From soft cherry gloss to full-on burgundy, be as adventurous with it as you'd like.

warm red ombre lip Photo:

terracotta gradient lip Photo:

smudged burgundy lip Photo:

red to burgundy ombre lip Photo:


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