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Having Your Period Sucks, But it Doesn’t Have to With Gurl Biz

Gurl Biz subscription box for a healthy, happy period

Gurl Biz was created for girls by girls! Two best friends, Stefanny Cano and Antoinette Abrahamsen realized (and like most girls, if not all, will agree!) having your period sucks! But these best friends think that it doesn’t have to! Gurl Biz is a brand that understands girls. From the aggravation of not having a tampon handy, the annoying cramps, bloating and everything else that comes when that TOTM rolls around, Gurl Biz gets it. They created Gurl Biz with the goal to make that whole experience better! 

Full of the feminine hygiene essentials to kick Mother Nature in the behind, the Gurl Biz monthly subscription box offers you pads, panty liners, tampons, hygiene wipes, and pamper-perfect items too like tea, spa items, and fabulous gifts so you feel gorgeous and confident! 


Right now through July 15 you’ll be entered to win a FREE year subscription to Gurl Biz when you sign up. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today & get on our cycle!

A stress-free period can be yours with Gurl Biz Gurl Biz takes the stress out of having your monthly period

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