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5 Summer Makeup Tips from Team Hair and Makeup

5 Summer Makeup Tips from Team Hair and Makeup Photo by:

We all want to look like this sun-kissed beauty above for summer. Mar R. TEAM Hair and Makeup is here sharing her top 5 summer make up tips that are perfect for your wedding, special occasion and every day! Read on to hear what this makeup and beauty expert has to say. You might also be interested in THM Hair Extensions, Mar's created these exclusive hair extensions with her clients in mind. THM Hair Extensions are an all-in-one piece, 100% human hair, easy to clip in and completely natural looking. They could totally be your most important beauty accessory for wedding or every day!

1. Protect your skin! 

Flawless summer makeup. Photo by:

To have the best overall coverage of sunscreen, apply to your skin BEFORE your moisturizer. Then layer your moisturizer, and apply your makeup. Then for EXTRA protection use a spray on SPF, lightly all over your face!


Classic and fresh wedding makeup ideas. Photo by:

The trick to keeping your lipstick on longer? EXFOLIATE! Take a pinch of sugar and coconut oil and create a paste. Then on wet your lips and use the paste to gently scrub off the dry or dead skin. Your lips will be left feeling soft and smooth, plus your lipstick will lasts a longer when applied.

3. Eyeliner Staying Power

Classic wedding makeup perfect for spring and summer. Photo by:

Give your eyeliner a little more staying power by applying a translucent powder under your bottom lashes. This will prevent your eyeliner from traveling down your face on a warm summer day!

4. Want the perfect pout? 

Summer makeup tips. Photo by :

Apply your favorite shade of lipstick, then take your concealer and with a small brush, clean up the edges of the your lip line, creating a clean look to your lips, sans the lipliner.

5. Keep Your Eyeshadow in Place

Tips on getting the perfect pouty lip this summer. Photo by:

Keep your eyeshadow from creasing or fading by avoiding eye cream and passing on the eye primers! Instead grab your best concealer and lightly dab it all over your lid, this will allow the pigment in your shadow to take front stage! Then, lightly dust a touch of translucent powder over the eyes to keep the shadow from creasing, this will also give you a long lasting effect on a hot summer day!

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