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5 Reasons You’ll Want a Glam Squad for Your Wedding Guests

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Leave it to the NYTimes to let us in on a new trend… Glam Squads for Guests. Yes, seems a little superfluous, right? But, then again, what trend isn’t extra at first, calming down once it goes through some iterations and growing pains? In any case, the trend is precisely what you think it would be: couples are keeping makeup and hair teams on hand to ‘touch up’ their guests as their wedding day+night goes on. Sooo, if someone is sweaty or needs their winged eyeliner re-finessed, or if their curls have all but fallen in the time between the ceremony and cocktail hour, right before the reception kicks off, they can get a quick makeover in minutes and then rejoin the party.

As someone who’s been a bride once and a wedding guest tons of times (in the bridal party for two weddings this year alone, and one more only two weeks away), I can absolutely get down with this idea. It’s hardly an obligation for couples who have already shelled out crazy amounts of money for the wedding of their dreams, but it’s something that guests will truly appreciate, talk about for weeks to come, and may even want to send YOU a thank you for after the fact.

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Above and beyond the understandable want and need to look good at their own glamorous affair, brides are realizing that their guests can benefit in a major way from makeup and hair maintenance at their event. So, they’re figuring out ways to make it possible for their people. And we’ll vouch for the crowds when we say that there’s nothing a little setting spray and strategically-placed bobby pins can’t fix…

This is why we’re all in on the guest glam-up situation 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

You'll inevitably get first dibs on the fixing

From what the sources in the NYTimes piece were saying, the trend has largely been catalyst by brides who’ve wanted to keep their MUA and hair people close by for corrections after ceremony crying and/or inclement climates ((rainy spring nuptials, hot and humid summer weddings, etc.)). And since many of the professionals are paid by the hour, why not have them service anyone else who may need some refreshing before the reception? That being said, if you’re the bride, and you’re opening up the fabulous, unprecedented opportunity for your guests, you certainly get first priority with the pretty.

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You can keep your photos looking polished

Now, of course couples look at their wedding albums and crowdsourced social media highlights to see how THEY looked on their wedding day. Looking 💯 as a couple is one of the ultimate goals, but so is having a primped and glowy bridal party. And since your bridal party will likely be glamming up for photos, is it wrong to want guests (family and close friends who may be in a lot of the formal group portraits) to look their best, too? Tousled hair with no flyaways, curled and feathery lashes, flawless contouring, and on-point pouts - looks kinda killer on film…

You can outright change the ratio of guests’ partying time to times they’re tripping-to-the-potty

Whenever you’re spending lots to ensure a good time for all, you want to guarantee that your guests will be tearing up the dance floor, imbibing at the open bar, and mixing and mingling with the rest of the crowd. Witnessing droves of people making their way to the bathroom between songs just to ‘freshen up,’ isn’t the hope! With a glam squad ready to go, though, guests can go in for a ‘one and done’ touch up, get their confidence back, and waste no time hauling a** back to the action.

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You can help your guests rally for the afterparty

No matter how much your guests love you, your wedding day is a marathon. And by the end of the night, when faces are practically melting off and hairdos are hot messes across the board, most guests want to shower, wipe+wash whatever makeup they still have on off, and throw on an overnight treatment mask before PTFO. That said, if you can keep your glam bar alive as long as your open bar stays open, you might be able to tempt even your flakiest (and we say that with love) friends to stay out for another few drinks and dancing and avoid going back to their hotel rooms to turn down for the night. Just think of the glam bar as the pregame spot, and instead of vodka shots to psych up, it’s a few spritzes of perfume, an extra coat or two of mascara, and a punchy new lip look.

You’ll really just be killing it in the guest experience arena

Like full-on ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from your guests for this unexpected and clearly thoughtful gesture. Not to say that pleasing your invitees is what’s most important, but if it’s fun and memorable for them, then it probably is for you, too! And we really can’t think of any guest whose night wouldn’t be made with a quickie, 5-minute makeover (as a still-pseudo-new mom, even 3 minutes’ worth of glam time is a good time). Remember, putting good vibes out into the universe can only be returned with more good vibes. So if you put the time and energy in to create a great experience for everyone, you’ll likely get all the good karma back. Not to mention, you might just play a part in getting some of your guests together… girlies love the way they look with some ✨✨✨on their faces.

Wedding guest getting her makeup done Inspiration:

Oh!! And remember to add some flowers and a sign to the beauty bar/lounge/etc. If it starts like this, you’re doing it right!

May your foundation match your neck, concealer be creaseless and winged eyeliner be sharp enough to kill. Amen.

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