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5 Things All Grooms Should Get Going On Before the Wedding

5 Things All Grooms Should Get Going On Before the Wedding

You know when they say “enjoy this time, savor it, because it’s about to get super stressful?” When you’re in the immediate wake of your engagement, that is… Well, the collective “they” aren’t kidding. Wedding planning gets crazy hectic real fast, so it’s important to bask in that just-engaged afterglow as long as you can before it’s game on. Sure, the bride takes on a lot of the planning tasks, but so does her groom - he’s not off the hook! From figuring out his groomsmen gifts to scouting out a wedding band he’s sold on, his to-dos aren’t that tough - and to tie the knot, they kind of have to happen. So! With that, we’ve caught up with our friends at Lashbrook, leaders in men’s wedding band designs, to get an exhaustive list of some of the things every guy should cover off on in advance of his wedding.

And of course, you’re a team, so don’t be afraid to work together to get everything accomplished! These are just some cool ones that any dude would probably gladly raise his hand to do! 

Customize his wedding band so he loves it.

5 Things All Grooms Should Get Going On Before the Wedding

Don’t let them fool you, guys actually like wearing their wedding rings - they understand their importance and recognize the commitment behind them. And even if they don’t subscribe to the sappy, sentimentality behind a wedding band, or feel like they don’t need a physical reminder of their vows or the value of their relationship, they’ll still wear it, if you’re into it. Because that’s love. 

One of the coolest things about Lashbrook is its online guided ring builder, which houses billions of style variations. If you put your groom in charge of finding his ring (maybe not one that matches yours, specifically, but something that you know he’ll actually like and want to wear), he can visit Lashbrook online and place an order as if it were a fresh, gourmet meal request. In turn, they’ll tailor make the model using authentic materials and a “high-tech, high-touch” method of production. High-tech with their investment in state-of-the-art machinery and lasers. High-touch in that they handle each ring by hand to polish, finish and customize with diamonds or any other materials your man may desire.

Not saying that women don’t spend as much time researching as their men do, but guys like to put in work/log hours/dig deep when they’re making big purchases (a wedding ring definitely qualifies as one of those). So, having the opportunity to play around with their options, different materials, different textures and aesthetics, will be huge for them. And that’s exactly what Lashbrook’s online guided ring builder does. He can build his ring in less than 60 seconds using 9 easy-to-navigate dropdown menus that take him from “let’s see what this can do” to “I can’t wait to wear my ring!”

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Handle the style for his squad.

No joke, this was one of my husband’s favorite parts of wedding planning. He appreciated the fact that I had suggestions about what he and his groomsmen should wear, but he essentially told me “babe, I’ve got this, handle yours, I’ll handle mine.” Okayyy. So, I stepped off. Your groom isn’t dumb, he’s a smart, stylish, savvy, and sophisticated man; he’s obviously wooed you with his fashion choices in the past, so he can work his magic with a wedding wardrobe, too. Tuxes or suits, blue or black (grey or charcoal?), he’ll have to make decisions, but he’ll do it with pride because he knows these pictures and impressions matter to you - they do to him, too.

Get gifts for his guys.

Easy one. Okay, not exactly easy - but at least enjoyable, right? Whether he decides to go with some kind of trendy barware, cool fashions/accessories, or an epic experience that the crew will all go balls to the wall over before the wedding, your groom will have fun vetting gizmos and gadgets (yep, we used those words because #boysandtoys) for his guy group. And you can help him out, especially if you’ve got a pulse on what’s trending.

Work on his vows.

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Not every couple decides on handwritten vows - because it’s not such a simple task. Finding words to describe the way you feel, in the presence of people who you wouldn’t normally get gushy in front of, can be stressful and uninspired. But even if you and your guy don’t agree to put pen to paper and write your own vows, both of you are still responsible for taking time out to ruminate on the promises you plan to make to each other. It’s a major milestone for each of you, individually, and as a team, so you won’t want the first time you think about these pledges to be when you’re up on the altar looking anxiously towards a future ahead.

Schedule a haircut.

Of course, you’ll want your partner to look the part for your special day, with some maintenance (a haircut, maybe a clean shave, etc.), but for him, it’s something that can help eliminate pressure and have him thinking a little more clearly before he says ‘I Do.’ Grooms gotta groom…

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We’ll say it again, because it’s not said enough, both partners have things to do before the big day. But almost all of them can be fun! Lashbrook makes it easy for grooms to custom make a wedding band that they’ll love. So, there’s really no reason why they need to wait on it… Send your men a link to the online guided ring builder, and tell them to have fun!


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