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What Should A Guy Wear To A Wedding?


Whether you're the groom, best man, groomsmen or just a guest - deciding on your attire is always a feat. Should you wear a fancy tuxedo, go business casual or simply wear jeans? More than likely you're not going to wear jeans, but we have seen groomsmen in denim and it was done well. So, never say never. 

To ensure you're well informed on what a guy should wear to a wedding, we pulled together a few easy tricks and rounded up a few great looks to guarantee you look sharp.

spring looks for the groom

As you can see The Risky Jackal looks dapper in his spring time floral ensemble from BAR III! Well... the question is how would John Philp of The Risky Jackal know to wear this smart look to a garden wedding? He probably reviewed the wedding invitation and took note of a few subtle hints.

Hint #1 - Take note of the time of the wedding. 

If the wedding is anytime after 4pm then it is semi-formal. Which means nice suit, tie and dress shoes. If a wedding is black tie than it should state on the invite, but if it doesn't t you can take clues from the invite. If it is extra fancy then all signs are you telling to bust out the tuxedo.

Hint #2  -  Your second hint is the location of a wedding. 

If the wedding looks like the one below from Minted and is held in the springtime, then a fun floral look is more than acceptable. If the wedding is held in a ballroom then we would opt for a darker suit like this extra-slim fit stretch wrinkle-resistant charcoal suit. 

spring garden wedding invite

what to wear to a Garden wedding

Of course we broke down John Philp's style for you, so you too can wear this to your next garden wedding. 

1. Men's Slim-Fit Stretch Easy Carel Print Dress Shirt
2. Men's Botanical Floral Pocket Square Bar III Men's Hummingbird Print Pocket Square
3. Bar III Slim-Fit Blue Plaid Suit Separates
4. Men's Macy's Dress Shoes

spring wedding look for guys

what to wear to an evening wedding

sharp wedding guest look from BAR III

stylish navy blue wedding invite from Minted

Hint #3 - Google the venue.

Let's say the venue is at The Hart House in downtown Seattle. An innovative space evoking feelings at the heart of great food and wine and the importance of the people you share this experience with.

That tells us that a stylish suit like the one above and below would be a perfect match for this food centric wedding. Elegant Ikat wedding invitation from Minted

blue suit from BAR III! Perfect look for the wedding guest

Now that you know the style of the wedding, don't be afraid to wear a bold tie. BAR III has a wide selection of on-trend ties in an array of colors and patterns. Making it incredibly easy to jazz up your wedding look.  Below is simply a taste of the BAR III ultra stylish blue tie collection.

super stylish blue ties for the guys


what to wear to an afternoon wedding

Navy blue wedding guest look from BAR III

Pay close attention to our next invite. The wedding is at one o'clock in the afternoon. Automatically you're thinking super casual, since it is in the afternoon. However, check out the location on this watercolor floral invite. Their wedding is held at The Four Seasons which is known for redefining luxury. This means you need to look good and wear a stylish suit.

pink and blue watercolor floral invite with specs of gold from Minted

This navy and pink look that Rule of Thumbs put together is guaranteed to bring your wedding look to a whole new level. Not only is it wrinkle-resistant (perfect for travel) but it also has a little stretch to it. Don't  worry about indulging in all those wedding treats. And ... this suit will turn heads at the The Four Seasons.

Shop this Bar III Men's Extra-Slim Fit Stretch Wrinkle-Resistant Blue Suit here. A tip from Rule of Thumbs - " Pink is an underrated and overlooked color in menswear yet always makes heads turn. Be bold and rock that pink, fellas!"


Of course we broke down Rule of Thumbs wedding style for you.

1. Men's Slim-Fit Stretch Easy Care Coral Dot Dobby Dress Shirt, Created for Macy's
2. Men's Botanical Floral Pocket Square
3. Men's Botanical Bougner Floral Slim Tie
4. Men's Extra-Slim Fit Stretch Wrinkle-Resistant Blue Suit Separates
5. Men's Macy's Dress Shoes

what a guy should wear to a wedding form  BAR III

We partnered with BAR III to show you what a guy should wear to a wedding.  Their collection is constantly updating with fresh on-trend wedding looks for every season.

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