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Cool Gifts for Guys

gifts for grooms who travel Leather Artist:

The guys like cool gifts too, ya know! I've picked out 10 gifts for the guys that I think could be a hit with the fellas. I'm not one who likes to buy useless gifts that just take up space. I like to gift things that typically have a purpose. I happen to travel a lot and I think that this passport cover and luggage tag are pretty cool. It's functional and will get use if he's a traveling man. I do like me a traveling man. Speaking of traveling, if you're having a destination wedding, check these beach approved dress shirts for men.

Gifts for guys that do not suck

personalized keychain beer bottle openers Blacksmith:

These hand-forged keychain bottle openers are made by a real Blacksmith! I actually discovered this blacksmith for score and twenty ... well a long time ago when Wedding Chicks was but a babe. I actually want one of these. Give them to all of the groomsmen and then they have a useable keepsake from the wedding and can crack open their Bug Lights. Any time. Any place. It's your life, do what you want.

floral ties for groom and groomsmen Hipster Tie Artist:

Planning a boho wedding? You'll definitely want to make sure that your groom and his men have their style on point and these floral ties will do the trick. Oh, hey and guess what? They COULD actually wear these ties again, I bet the ladies in their lives would appreciate you sending a little style their way! I'm not saying they don't already have style, you're taking my words out of context.

personalized wedding party gift ideas Money Keeping Artist:

Every man carries a wallet of some sort, every single one. You know there are guys out there who use a rubber band, right? These guys need this gift! Bonus - they are personalized with his name. This money clip is cool, practical and personal and I'm sure it will get a ton of use. It's an especially great place to store your $2 bills. WTH.

dopp kits for groomsmen Dopp Kit Artist:

Every man needs a Dopp kit, ditch the ziplock bags ok guys? What is a Dopp kit, you say? A Dopp kit is basically a zippered bag for toiletries. It's named for the early 20th century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, whose company designed the case in 1919. Dopp kits became very popular during WWI and WWII as they were issued to all GIs.

Is your man a beardoligist?

beard soap groomsman gift ideas Beard Soap Artist:

We have a gift for the follicularly gifted men in your life. Yup, it's Beard Soap. If your man is a beardoligist, you know he'll want the best for his facial decor. Keeping it beardiful is key and this soap has your back errrr uhhh chin!

Folding Pocket Knife made with Reclaimed Skateboards Sharp Object Artist:

Find me a guy who doesn't rattle on about his skating days ... no really. He was a shredder in high school right? Hopefully his knees are still in tact and he's ditched the DCs and the baggy shorts but hey - to each their own. Well, even if he didn't' skate I bet he'd appreciate this reclaimed skateboard deck pocket knife.  Just make sure he doesn't try and take it on your honeymoon. I'm sure TSA has quite the knife collection already. If you need a laugh, check out the Official TSA Instagram and when you travel don't be a jackass.

funky groom socks Sock Artist:

Now I'm not implying that anyone is going to get cold feet, I'm merely saying dress those feet up guys. Have a little little fun and show some pizzazz with some colorful and fun socks. Pizzazz, I said it. No, I am not 90 years old. Want to know the best part, after they wear them you can steal them to wear with your boots in the fall. You're welcome.

groomsman shot glasses Drinking Artist:

Shots! Shots! Shots! You know that's happening regardless so you might as well supply them with a super snazzy alcohol vessel. Lots of men collect shot glasses so this gift will likely get used again and again. They are small and functional, you know I'm all about function. Please drink responsibly and remember that a wedding is not a fraternity party as much as you think it might be. It's not. I repeat. It. Is. Not. 

Just put your things away and everything will be ok

wooden watch box Tidy Up Artist:

Guys need somewhere to put their sh*t too, ya know. So why not give them somewhere to put it? This 8 compartment watch box/valet is the perfect place for him to keep all of his 'importants', like cufflinks. I guarantee this will be a timesaver/lifesaver if he uses it regularly. No more panics that he can't find his keys or glasses or passport. Keeping that heart rate down and frazzle to a minimum is a major perk in a relationship.

Don't like any of my gift ideas? Whatever, that's fine. You can always pay attention to him and what he likes or I dunno ... ask him. I really like RSVPhandcrafted's instagram, if you recall they made the passport cover at the very top of this post. You can also check out some other cool gifts for guys here and check out our printables for dudes here.

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