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A Pre-Event ‘Fit Fete With Generation Tux Gives New Meaning to GRWM

Generation Tux Wedding Party Tuxedo Matching

Okay, so in the last few years, one of the biggest new trends to emerge in the wedding world has been the “wedding party proposal brunch or luncheon.” Couples wrangle their bests for an intimate event wherein each proposes to their respective squad—asking them to stand by their side on their soon-to-come special day. We love it, obvi. But now that it’s 2023 (oh wow, let’s talk about that craziness another time), we’d like to see a spin-off of this event take off: The wedding party all-suited-up soiree. What does said event entail? Well, just like it sounds—both sides of the wedding party converge in the couture they’ll be wearing for the wedding. The couple gets to see all of their behind-the-scenes style scheming (and we mean that in the best way, okay) come together, and make sure the ensembles they’ve envisioned live up to their dreams. Generation Tux’s special “arrival 14 days out from the wedding” process makes it easy for you to assemble your I do crew, see them all gussied up, and start getting excited about the wedding day to come.

Can we skip to the good part?

You know all those TikToks and reels that show a person stressing about or struggling with things, and then they jump up or snap their fingers and they’re instantly transported to “the good part?” Well, that’s exactly what comes to mind when we think about wedding party fashion planning. All of the Instagram scrolling, Googling, Pinterest and vision board making to curate a look that you’re proud of, that you know your crew will be genuinely happy with (and not make you feel bad about choosing), and that will inevitably work 👌 for your wedding day. It’s fun, but it’s hella hard, too. Hence why we literally just want to skip to the good part… Luckily, the groom and groomsmen-dressing geniuses at Generation Tux provide an easy and foolproof way to ensure your favorite people are flawless on your best day ever. They’ll make sure both sides of your wedding party are matched and vibing with the rest of your wedding day, from your decor and linens to your florals and glam looks.

Generation Tux Home Try-On

But before we get into how they do it... remember that Generation Tux also offers a Home Try-On program for the wedding couple. Which means that the groom can order home wardrobe try-ons any time they want to test out their look (and this can happen way before that 14-day pre-event delivery window). 

Here’s how they do it (meaning, how they get you to the good part)

Generation Tux Suit or Tuxedo Delivery

  • They give you the option to choose from 25+ men's suit and tuxedo styles designed in trending colors and fashionable fits (like, if Pantone’s Viva Magenta was on your radar—you can embrace it with a number of different accessory color combinations #hihellomulberry)
  • The wardrobe essentials give style, but also comfort. Whether you want modern, sophisticated suits or classic and timeless tuxes for your team, your Generation Tux picks will work for any nuptials occasion, casual or fancy, beach or the ballroom. Choose your colors (available in black, gray, blue, brown, and tan), decide on a fit (both modern and slim fits, for every preference), and then accessorize (with a variety of lapels and fete-worthy fabrics) to build all the perfect looks.
  • They give you countless colors to consider. With thousands of potential palette combinations for your wedding, Generation Tux helps you find the right fashion matches. They offer free color swatches of their suits, tuxedos, and accessories—in the fabric of your choosing—so that you can get a feel for your entire look. Delivered to your doorstep in as little as 7-14 days, too.
  • They let you invite the VIPs in your party, but then they take all the hard parts out of the equation. So, all you need to do is send out the request to your groomsmen, your father, your partner’s father, and any other members of your wedding party to create an account and then order the outfit you picked out. They’ll be prompted to complete their fit profile, enter their addresses, and update their payment information—all to have their suit or tuxedo delivered to their doorstep up to 14 days before your event.

Generation Tux Suit or Tuxedo Delivery Groomsmen

And that’s when the good part can get here

Generation Tux wedding party

Since your bridesmaids are likely to have their dresses by that time (with 14 days before the wedding, they’ve probably already had their last, if not second to last, dress fitting), you can invite whoever’s available and interested (just promise some drinks and food, and you’re 👍) to come to an all-suited-up pre-wedding party at your place and have everyone try on their looks. If anyone is unhappy with the fit or needs a replacement, then you can let the Generation Tux team know ASAP to get that flawless final edition. To click your heels (just like Dorothy does) and show up on your wedding day with a stunningly-dressed entourage at your sides. And speaking of even more “good” parts.

Generation Tux offers some of the best deals for your best day ever. Like scoring your suit or tux rental for free for choosing a look for the squad and having at least 5 in your party sign up and pay OR like keeping the whole thing, no strings attached, once you’ve had at least 7 in your party sign up and pay. P.S. With all this skipping to the good part… who knows, you might even have time to plan out a wedding party flash mob, or at least a choreographed routine for your reception procession… We’d love to see that on social sometime soon!


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