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Generation Tux Lets You Pick Your Wedding Look With Your #1 By Your Side


It wasn’t until five or so years ago that brides stopped listening to archaic “rules” about who should and shouldn’t see their wedding dress before the wedding day. But we’re SO here for the change—it’s 2022 and if you want to try on wedding dresses, jumpsuits or rompers for your nuptials with your partner in tow, then by all means, you do you! As for grooms, though, they’ve seemingly been level-headed from the jump and perfectly content figuring out their I do ensem by themselves, with a crew, or even with their ride or die by their side. Thankfully, Generation Tux allows wedding couples to select their favorite head-to-toe looks, get a free Home Try-On, and then rent the whole damn thing for their wedding day. And since it’s all done from home, a groom can invite their guy or girl to stick around and help with the styling, and then pour some champagne and cheers when the big day duds are all but decided on.

Generation Tux encourages couples to collaborate on ‘the look’

Generation Tux Home Try-On With Couple

We’re not saying that grooms aren’t capable of curating a super sexy and sophisticated suit or tuxedo getup for their wedding day, we obvi know that’s not true. But what’s so great about Generation Tux is that the brand actually likes when couples work together to envision a signature style for the groom’s highly anticipated debut.

It might mean looking at swatches (free for the groom or wedding couple), touching fabrics (their signature line of suits and tuxes are made with luxe quality Super 130s and 140s Merino Wool - unmatched comfort and phenomenal feel), and weighing in on how the Generation Tux color skus coordinate with the palettes on the other side of the wedding party, but it still sounds better than the weeknight plans you usually have. Say it with us: late take out, a switch to pajamas, and multiple ‘I swear to stay ups’ from both parties before you inevitably pass out on the couch by 10:17PM.

Generation Tux Home Try-On Arrival

Additionally, you can request a free Home Try-On to be delivered to you, pick up some fave dinner you haven’t done in a while—and a bottle of celebratory bubbly, because brides aren’t the only ones who can cheers over [garment] good news—and then lock the doors, silence your phones, and start getting undressed…

Having your fiancé/fiancée along for the ride is smart for a few reasons, actually

Generation Tux Spouse-to-Be Helping Style

They’ll make sure things actually start getting done with picking out the apparel for yourself and your groomsmen. It’s not just about formal fashion for a future party, it’s about creating a statement-making, cohesive vibe for everyone involved—you two and your crew—and that means putting in all the prep work.

Generation Tux Home Try-On With Couple

Generation Tux Home Try-On With Couple

They’ll be the best sounding board for your suit and tux comparisons. Of course, you want to look like 🔥on your wedding day (for the wedding pics, the compliments from family and friends, and your own sense of self-satisfaction), but there’s really only one person you want to impress and they’ll tell you straight up what they think looks best.

Generation Tux Home Try-On With Couple

They’ll make sure you not only find the one (that final fashion), but also take advantage of all you can. And Generation Tux offers some of the best deals for your best day ever. Like scoring your suit or tux rental for free for choosing a look for the squad and having at least 5 in your party sign up and pay OR like keeping the whole thing, no strings attached, once you’ve had at least 7 in your party sign up and pay.

Planning a wedding isn’t an easy feat, but having your person there to hype you through the good stuff and share feels with over the bad stuff definitely helps. Generation Tux gets it, and the team hopes you let your PIC in on the suit and tux styling situation. Beyond their striking collection, there are thousands of color combinations, accessories, and customizations you can make to ensure the fashion really feels your own.

Generation Tux Home Try-On Final Choice

So, kick back, relax, and let Generation Tux wow you and your VIP. They’re totally up for the task.


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