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Tailored Suit and Tux Rentals

tailored suit and tux rentals from Generation Tux

Today is all about the GROOM and his GROOMSMEN! Prepare to breathe a sigh of relief, because we are going to show you how to coordinate all the men in your wedding with Generation Tux, a George Zimmer company.

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Now ... before you click over to get started, scroll down to see exactly how to rent a suit/tux online with Generation Tux. Plus there maybe a few FREE PRINTABLES for your wedding party mixed in.

figure out what to wear for your wedding party with Generation Tux

The first step in creating a cohesive wedding party is figuring out what everyone will wear. Thankfully Generation Tux makes this process stress free. Not only do they have tons of trendy pre-styled looks, but they also have a virtual studio that allows you to mix and match accessories. With hundreds of accessories, you'll be able to create a unique look that flows with your wedding vision.

Easily order your suit or tux online from Generation Tux

After you figure out your look, you can organize your event with Generation Tux's online event management system. Once in there, you can create an individual look for each member of your wedding party ... including the groom. See below!

Generation Tux rental cusomizer

Since everything is done online, it’s no problem if your entire wedding party is scattered around the country. Generation Tux will remind them to submit their measurements, pay and return their suits once the wedding is said and done. You will also be able to check where each member of the party is in the process, so you are in the loop the entire time.

how to measure your groom for his suit

Generation Tux also allows your groom to do a free at-home trial. This will allow you to experience the fit and quality before your event. You'll know exactly what you will be getting and what it will look like.

In addition to the free at-home trial, they also offer free shipping on all tuxedos and suits which arrive in 10-14 days before the big day, allowing plenty of time for adjustments. After your event, simply put everything back in the box and return to your local FedEx store. They generously allow 3 days to do this, most brick and mortar stores require you to return the day after!


silver bar tie from Generation Tux black and silver cuff links from Generation Tux

The first thing we noticed when we opened our Generation Tux box was the quality and of the suits. Not only were they flawlessly packed, and didn't have any weird barcodes or metal clasps in the waist of the pant, but the actual suit fabric felt incredibly soft. We were very impressed! With retail quality fabric in a rental setting, Generation Tux has reinvented your stereotypical rental. Brick and Mortar stores can’t compete with this quality, trust us you can tell.

Your rental arrives with everything The Groom and his Groomsmen will need to look their very best. Including-





Pocket Square



Dress Shoes

Studs and Cufflinks

To finish off the look, we added cufflinks and studs along with a tie clip and socks. We also wrapped our Groom's socks in this free printable that says - “Cold Feet, Warm Heart - I can't wait to marry you XOXO your Bride.” How cute is that? Print it out here.

Free sock printable for your Groom

Groomsmen suits hanging up from Generation Tux

Groomsmen suits hanging up from Generation Tux Groomsmen suits hanging up from Generation Tux

Rent your shoes from Generation Tux

Free printable for all the Groomsman, so they know whos suit is whos

We are sure glad we made these handy dandy labels for our groomsmen! It helped us differentiate the suits while the guys were getting ready. You can customize and print yours here.


Ummm ... how cute is Jonathan? He is holding our super cute Will You Be My Groomsman card. Of course, we also have it in Will You Be My Best Man? And Will you be my Ring Bearer? You can customize and print yours out here.

get wedding ready with Generation Tux get wedding ready with Generation Tux

As you can see our Groom and his wedding party are all different sizes, and Generation Tux has a large range of modern and slim sizes. You enter in your measurements and Generation Tux will pick the right fit for you. In fact, we accidentally entered in the wrong measurements for one of the groomsmen. Luckily, one of their fit experts picked up on it, and sent us the right size. Talk about being on top of it.

Groomsmen getting ready in their Generation Tux suits

Groomsmen getting ready in their Generation Tux suits Groomsmen getting ready in their Generation Tux suits

When it comes to fit, a little flexibility is reassuring. Generation Tux built their garments with this in mind. All of their pants have hidden elastic in the waistband so you can adjust your pants easily.

And their shirts necks include an elastic tab at the collar that provides up to a 1/2 inch of forgiveness. These features provide a little extra assurance that everything will fit great on your big day.

ring bearer outfit idea from Generation Tux

ring bearer outfit ideas from Generation Tux ring bearer free printable

Yes, they accommodate everyone in your wedding party. Even the kiddos. Boys sizes are available in most suits and tuxedos. Ossian's suit fit him perfectly, and they even had shoes in his size! With tailored suits starting at $129, we guarantee that you cannot get a suit of this quality for that price.

Groomsmen gift ideas

We love when we see the groom making the getting ready experience special for his Groomsmen. We opted to gift our Groomsmen with mini Whiskey bottles and cigars.

Groomsmen in navy suit, gray shirt and plaid tie from Generation Tux Groomsmen in navy suit, gray shirt and plaid tie from Generation Tux

Groomsmen in their Generation Tux outfits

Groomsmen outfit idea from Generation Tux

outfit ideas for the Groom

How amazing does Nick look? He is wearing an iron gray notch lapel suit with the matching vest. We paired this with a slim point collar shirt, and a navy textured micro square tie. To finish off the look we added silver and black studs, a silver tie bar and a navy pocket square. Quite a dashing look, don't you think?

Generation tux outfit ideas Generation tux outfit ideas

Groomsmen in their mis-mtached socks

We love that you can also order the socks through Generation Tux truly making it a one stop shop. We decided that each of the men would wear a different pair to add a little flair to their look.

Groomsmen look ideas from Generation Tux

We mixed and matched the groomsmen and the ring Bearer in gray sharkskin and navy blue notch lapel suits. We also mixed up the bow ties. Two of the groomsmen had navy bow ties with skulls, and the rest had dark navy plaid bow ties. Creating a cohesive yet unique look.

Generation Tux ring bearer ideas.

We partnered with Generation Tux to showcase how easy it is for the Groom and his entire wedding party to look amazing. To save 20% on any tuxedo and/or suit rental enter WEDDINGCHICKS20 at checkout.

*Discount can only be applied as part of a minimum purchase of $129. Promo code must be entered at checkout. Valid for one-time use only. Any unused amounts of the discount are forfeited. Discount cannot be applied to rush fees, taxes or alterations. Discount offer may not be combined with other offers or be redeemed for cash or credit. Offer valid for rental items only. Discount expires 12.31.2017 at 11:59PM EST.

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